Hugh Jackman – Famous Actor

Who is Hugh Jackman?

He is an Australian actor who is best known for his continued performance as Wolverine across a variety of Marvel films. He is also recognized for his roles in musical productions, particularly Les Miserables and The Greatest Showman.


2 October 1968

Birth Place

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

Jackman has been married to Deborra Lee-Furness since 1996. The couple has two kids and boasts a strong marriage.

Professional Life

Jackman was cast on his first role the same night he graduated from the Academy and was cast in Correlli, an ABC drama series. From here, Jackman moved to the theater stage, playing Gaston on a Disney Beauty and the Beast production. He also started appearing both in films and on television in Australia.

1998 allowed Jackman to gain some recognition outside of Australia thanks to an acclaimed production of Oklahoma! However, his true breakthrough role was as Wolverine in the 2000 X-Men film. He appeared in the role to great success, reprising it in 2003 with X2, in 2006 with X-Men: The Last Stand, the 2009 prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in 2011 in X-Men: First Class, 2013 The Wolverine, and, finally, in Logan in 2017.

In 2001, Jackman took the leading role in Kate & Leopold and also in Swordfish. In 2004, he played the titular role in Van Helsing. He had the lead role in 2006’s The Prestige by Christopher Nolan and 2006’s The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky. He was in Australia in 2008, Les Miserables in 2012 and Prisoners in 2013. In 2017, he was in The Greatest Showman, along with cast member Rebecca Ferguson. He also lent his voice to the main character in the animated film Flushed Away.

Jackman has a lifelong love of musical theater. In addition to his film roles, he was in The Boy from Oz on Broadway and has often appeared in musical productions, which he described among his favorite roles.


Jackman first took the role of Wolverine in the first X-Men film in 2000. He currently holds the record for longest career as a Marvel superhero in live-action production, as he continued to play this role in the X-Men sequels, spin-offs, and additional films, like Logan.

Jackman received various awards, including the 2004 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical; he has also hosted the Tony Awards four times. He has an Emmy for his hosting of the 2005 ceremony. In addition, he has received an Oscar nomination for his performance in Les Miserables.

The actor used to be a PE teacher before his career took off.

Jackman was not the first pick for Wolverine. Reportedly, when he took the role, he studied the mannerisms of wolves, not realizing that a wolverine is not a wolf but a separate animal. Jackman also reported taking some time adjusting to the massive metal claws his character has, walking around them in his home, and, unfortunately, getting a few scrapes from this experience.

Jackman has been considered one of the most attractive men on Earth in various publications in different years.


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