Gregory Kasyan – Famous Actor

Who is Gregory Kasyan?

Gregory Kasyan is an American actor who is most famously known for playing Eli Cardashyan in the popular TV series Daybreak (2019), where he is a series regular. The show premiered on Netflix to great reviews from critics.


June 26, 2001

Birth Place

United States

Zodiac Sign


How did Greg Kasyan begin acting?

While Greg didn’t fully know what he wanted to do with his life when he was a child, he still found acting to be a really fun activity that he enjoyed doing. This subsequently led to the talented Greg acting out scenes in front of his parents, who noticed early on that he was a natural at it. Greg Kasyan got his breakout role in the widely anticipated and gritty indie movie “Quest,” where he portrayed Mills. After the role, Greg was also cast in one of the greatest TV series of all time – Breaking Bad, where he portrayed Betsy Brandt, as well as the stepson of Lou Diamond Phillips (Longmire). Greg Kasyan often plays the gentle-hearted juvenile delinquent who has come from an abusive home. Greg has starred alongside other such stars as Ray Donovan (Who played Dash Mihok) and Keith Stanfield (Straight Outta Compton).
Kasyan discovered knew he wanted to become a professional actor after he got his first role on the ABC’s “The Middle,” which he auditioned for alongside 20 other young actors and was ultimately able to score the role for himself after the casting director saw his performance. After his first role, Kasyan was seen in a wide variety of different television series productions such as CBS’s “NCIS: New Orleans,” Amazon’s “Bosch,” as well as appearing in the Netflix adaptation of “Hawaii Five-O.”
Along with those roles, Greg also didn’t shy away from taking roles in smaller productions of independent feature films and short films. He appeared in the short film “Shape,” as well as “Miss India America,” in addition to numerous other appearances on various short films.

More about him

Greg Kasyan is a Los Angeles native and has spent his whole life living in the city he grew up in. He also pursued acting in Los Angeles since the age of eight, participating in various plays. He loved to appear in theater in front of people and has stated that his favorite part about being an actor is the opportunity to see life through another person’s eyes. Greg also has over 240,000 followers on his Instagram social media account. In his free time, Greg Kasyan has state that he enjoys playing basketball, which he likes to do with his friends on weekends, as well as spending some quality time with his dog, Archie. He’s also a lover of sushi and often likes to go out to eat along with his family members.


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