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Eamon Farren – Famous Actor


Farren’s Life before Fame

Farren was born in north Queensland and grew up near Gold Coast from the age of six. Farren loved the beach parties and music by the water when he was growing up there. Farren admitted in interviews that acting is what he always wanted to do. People often have a plan B just in case, but Farren never needed an alternative option. Whenever he watched a movie, he imagined himself on the screen. Farren attended Benowa State High School. In 2007, he graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art. Farren says that he was deeply inspired by actors Daniel Day-Lewis and Gary Oldman. He declares them the source of his inspiration and motivation.


May 19, 1985

Birth Place

North Queensland, Australia

Zodiac Sign


Farren’s Rise to Fame

Farren began his acting career in the Showtime Television film The Outsider in 2001. A year later, he appeared in a guest role in the Australian action series called The Sleepover Club. Farren worked with several theatre companies in the following years, including Sydney Theatre Company, The Griffin Theatre Company, and The Belvoir Street Theatre. In 2007, he was cast as Cpl. John Powell in HBO miniseries called The Pacific.

2008 brought big breaks for Farren. He was starred in The Man in the Attic, Lucky Country, and All Saints. In 2012, he portrayed the role of an enslaved boy called Rabbit in the film Chained. This role is amongst some of the most popular characters Farren played. Farren won AACTA Award for the Best Guest or Supporting Actor in a Television Drama for his work in the ABC telemovie Carlotta.

Farren continued his theatre career in 2014. He played roles like Edward Ridgeway in Switzerland and Elliott in Girl Asleep. Farren starred in 2015’s Sydney Theatre’s The Present as Krill. In 2017, he was starred as Richard Holmes in the American TV series Twin Peaks.

Farren Always Wanted To Be an Actor

We all grew up watching the world of adventures on TV that we cannot become a part of. Farren, however, didn’t want to accept this reality. From a very young age, he decided to be a part of the adventures. He told Vogue that he liked watching Leonardo DiCaprio’s movies, and he is a huge fan of Gary Oldman. He grew up watching legendary actors and wanted to be one of them. When Farren was in high school, he studied in French Immersion Program and studied most of his subjects in French. Hence, we can assume that Farren also has command over the French language, which few call the language of love.



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