Dylan McDermott – Famous Actor

Who is Dylan McDermott?

Dylan McDermott is an American actor. He is best known for his work in the American Horror Story series.


October 26, 1961


Waterbury, Connecticut, the United States of America



Personal life

Dylan McDermott married actress Shiva Rose in 1995. The couple had two daughters, Colette and Charlotte. In 2008, the couple divorced. In 2015, McDermott announced his engagement to Maggie Q, whom he met on the set of Stalker. They split up in 2019. McDermott’s stepmother and the third mother of his father was Eve Ensler, the famous playwright.

Professional life

McDermott debuted as an actor in 1987 in Hamburger Hill. In 1989, he got a bigger break by starring in Steel Magnolias opposite Julia Roberts. He also had a starring role in Twister and Neon Empire.

The most significant role of his early career was in In the Line of Fire, which helped him land a gig in The Practice. The series boosted McDermott’s recognition, and he would earn a spot on the Most Beautiful People list in 1998 for the first time. However, he was soon cut from The Practice.

In 2004, McDermott got a starring role in The Grid, playing opposite Julianna Margulies. In 2006, he played a soldier in The Treatment, a play by Eve Ensler. In 2007, he got another starring role in the short-lived series Big Shots.

2008 saw McDermott star in Burning Palms with Shannen Doherty. In 2009, the actor would appear in Dark Blue, a TNT drama, which would run for two seasons.

In 2011, the actor got his first appearance in American Horror Story. He would return for the second season playing a new character. He would also return several times in subsequent seasons of the series, once reprising his role as Dr. Ben Harmon for the Return to the Murder House.

In 2012, he was in The Campaign, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Nobody Walks. He would also appear in Olympus Has Fallen. In 2013, he played an FBI agent in Hostages. In 2014, he got a leading role on yet another short-lived series, Stalker, alongside Maggie Q.

In 2019, McDermott began appearing in The Politician. Then, in 2020, he got a starring role in the Netflix series Hollywood.

McDermott got a more villainous role in Law & Order: Organized Crime, a spin-off of the highly popular Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, becoming first a regular and then a recurring character.

In 2022, McDermott is set to appear in FBI: Most Wanted, taking over after the departure of Julian McMahon in this Dick Wolf series.


Eve Ensler, the playwright, adopted McDermott, and they remained close even after she divorced his father. As a result, he has had an influence on her work and has appeared in her plays. The birth of his daughter Colette is a big part of one of the stories told in one of Ensler’s play.

McDermott has been open about his struggles with alcoholism. He has been sober since 1984.

The actor has been considered a heartthrob throughout his career.

He often plays government agents and also has appeared in various roles as a criminal.

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