Daniel Bernhardt – Famous Actor

Who is Daniel Bernhardt?

Daniel Bernhardt is a Swiss actor, martial artist, and model.

He is most widely known for his role in the 2014 film John Wick where he played Kirill. He is also remembered for his role in the 2018 television series Altered Carbon.

He has also worked as a stunt performer for a while.


August 31, 1965


Bern, Switzerland



Life before fame:

Daniel Bernhardt started thinking about acting as his main profession early on in his career, but it didn’t work out due to various circumstances. But he finally got his start in 1996 when he made his actorial debut in the martial arts feature film Bloodsport 2. He was also cast in in 1999s Mortal Kombat: Conquest TV series, in which he played Ciro.

Professional career:

When he got his first role in Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite, Daniel was truly excited, and after playing the character of Alex Cardo, he decided he truly wanted to take up acting full-time. He also appeared in the following two sequels to the Bloostsport II, Future War (1997), as well as True Vengeance (1997). The nineties also saw the actor star in Perfect Target, where he portrayed David Benson. In 1999 Daniel would again appear in the sequel to Bloodsport titled Bloodsport 4: The Dark Kumite (1999), where he played Keller.

In 1999 he also starred as Steven Conlin in G2 – Mortal Conquest. He began the early 2000s by appearing as Rick in Black Sea Raid, as well as playing Lieutenant Marcus Poynt in Global Effect (2002). 

2003 was a big year for the talented actor after he got the role of Agent Johnson in The Matrix Reloaded. His portrayal of an agent was well received by film critics. The very same year, he appeared in The Librarians as Toshko. 

In 2005 Daniel starred in three films, Confessions of an Action Star, where he played Jason Everstrong, and Tornado – Rain to Kill, where he played Captain Joe. He finished the year with The Cutter, portraying Dirk Cross.

In the following years, he appeared as Murat in the 2007 feature film Children of Wax. In 2010 Daniel would star as Lucien Gallows in Supreme Champions. The very next year, he was in Creature (2011).

His most recent roles:

Daniel appeared in John Wick as Kirill. He also played Psych Ward Security for which he was uncredited in the credits in The Vatican Tapes (2015). He also played Max Potter in Brothers (2015) while also appearing as a soldier in the 2017s action film Atomic Blonde. 

In 2017 Daniel also appeared in the critically acclaimed final edition of the Wolverine superhero film named Logan. He played “Bone Breaker .”His latest role is The Matrix Resurrections, where he reprised his role as Agent Johnson (2021), as well as a cameo role as Drago Grande in 2021s Red Notice.

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