Corey Sevier – Famous Actor

Who is Corey Sevier?

Corey Daniel Sevier is a Canadian actor. He is most famously known for his portrayal of Gabriel McKay on the American Fox TV series soap opera North Shore which ran for 2 seasons from 2004 to 2005. He also played Timmy Cabot, the main protagonist of the 1997 family TV series Lassie, which ran from 1997 to 1999.


July 3, 1984

Birth Place

Ajax, Canada

Zodiac Sign


The early life of Corey Sevier and rise to stardom:

Born in Ajax, Ontario, Corey Sevier is one of the two sons of Bruce and Lynda Sevier. Early on in his life, Corey was already a baby model when he got a modeling job at a baby beauty pageant at the age of only six months, making him the winner of the pageant that had over 30 other applicants. Corey was very busy from a young age and began his acting career as a child actor. One of his first notable appearances was on the television series Goosebumps (a Canadian-American horror anthology television series that ran from 1995 to 1998). He appeared in the episodes “A Night in Terror Tower” and “Cry of the Cat.” Later on, he was seen in the movie adaptation of Wilson Rawls’ Summer of the Monkeys, where he played Jay Berry Lee (1998). Following these roles, Corey was cast as Timmy Cabot, making it his breakout role in the remake of the Lassie TV series in 1997, where he played the main character for the duration of the show. After his breakthrough role in Lassie, Corey played Dan in the Little Men TV Series that ran from 1998-1999.

His other roles and voice acting performance

By the age of 13, Corey was already a very famous child actor and subsequently was offered to lend his voice as the English voice for Mega Man Volnutt in the video game Mega Man Legends (1998). After that, he was bombarded with other roles and starred in the Canadian series 2030 CE as Hart Greyson. He was also briefly seen in the failed WB series Black Sash before landing his most famous role to date on North Shore.

Corey also starred in the 2004 science fiction horror film Decoys, as well as its sequel Decoys 2: Alien Seduction. His other roles have included starring alongside Elizabeth Berkley in the movie Student Seduction, which premiered on Lifetime in 2003, and the 2006 film Surf School. In more recent years, Corey was seen in the 2001 mythological-adventure movie Immortals, where he portrayed Apollo in a brief role.

Family and Trivia

Corey has an older brother Kyle, with whom he grew up.

He has also stated that his inspiration when it comes to acting has always been Brad Pitt for his versatility.


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