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Aidan Gillen – Famous Actor


Who is Aidan Gillen?

Aidan Gillen is an Irish actor. He is best known for his role as Petyr Baelish or Littlefinger in Game of Thrones, the fantasy series from HBO. However, he has also appeared in many other roles.


24 April 1968


Dublin, Ireland



Personal Life

Gillen lives in Dublin. He married Olivia O’Flanagan in 2001. They separated in 2005. Since 2014, Gillen has been dating Camille O’Sullivan. He has two children with Olivia O’Flanagan, a daughter and a son.

Professional Life

He started acting as a teen with the National Youth Theatre. His first significant role was Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Project Arts Center. He adopted his mother’s maiden name, Gillen, because his official name Aidan Murphy was already taken.

In Queer as Folk, he played Stuart Alan Jones, earning him a British Academy Television Award. He also started appearing on Broadway in plays like The Caretaker or American Buffalo.

In 2004, thanks to his role in The Caretaker, he was cast in The Wire, playing Tommy Carcetti, which earned him an Irish Film & Television Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role in Television.

2008 saw him named as an Irish hero thanks to his work.

In 2009, he was in 12 rounds and Freefall, as well as the drama Thorne.

In 2011, he was cast in Game of Thrones, where he played Petyr Baelish, nicknamed Littlefinger. He appeared in seven seasons of the show, between season 1 and season 7, when he had his final appearance and was considered a major player in the series. Littlefinger was recognized for his cunning and ruthlessness with an ability to make and execute complex plans. His role was more villainous, even in the dark gray world of Game of Thrones.

Later, he appeared in Blitz and Wake Wood. He also appeared in the Irish drama Love/Hate.

In 2012, he appeared in The Dark Knight Rises, which was his first role in a major Hollywood film. After that, the actor decided he preferred low-budget roles.

He appeared in Shadow Dancer and was announced as the host for Other Voices. In 2013, he was in Mayday and, in 2014, he was in Calvary.

He went back to Hollywood for The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure, the second and third films in the Maze Runner trilogy. He also appeared as manager John Reid in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Gillen also appeared in Peaky Blinders on TV in its fourth and fifth seasons.

2021 saw him appear in Those Who Wish Me Dead, a film project, and in Mayor of Kingstown, Kin, and Killer of Cosmos on television, the latter a voice acting project.


One of his sisters is the actress Finnuala Murphy. His brother John Paul Murphy is a playwright.

He prefers smaller and independent projects to big-budget roles, though this has not stopped him.

He was criticized for his performance in The Dark Knight Rises, especially for a delivery of a dialogue that was perceived as awkward.


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