Travel Checklist for Small Business Owners: Packing for a Trip

There is so much to do when someone is preparing for a business trip. Putting mail on hold, getting presentations together… But one of the most essential tasks is making sure that he or she has everything necessary for the trip. A comprehensive business travel checklist can make packing much easier.

Remember the Travel Essentials

Besides clothing, there are many other items small business owners need to pack for a trip. However, it can be tricky to pack items when air travel is involved. It is a smart idea to check the newest regulations before packing liquids, medications, or sharp items, like disposable razors.

This travel essentials checklist contains most of the items small business owners need for a trip:

Emergency contact information for hotels, conference committees, etc.
Copies of essential documents and a list of currency numbers in case these items are lost or stolen.
Stain stick
Lint roller
Grooming essentials, like deodorant, brushes and face wipes.
First aid kit
Supply of essential medications
Pens, pencils and other office supplies that may be needed.
Presentation materials
Spare batteries or battery charger
Cell phone charger
A good book or e-book reader such as kindle
Snacks and a bottle of water

Put Together a Complete Business Wardrobe for Travel

Packing light for a business function can be a challenge. The same people see each other over and over again for several days in a row, which means that red polka dot tie will stick out like a sore thumb if it is being worn for the third straight day.

This clothing travel checklist helps a busy entrepreneur pack all the necessities:

Undergarments for each day of the trip plus one extra set in case of delays or emergencies.
Socks or stockings for each day and one or two additional pairs.
At least two suits for a business man and a suit, dress, or skirt and blouse for each day for a business woman. (Women’s business clothes traditionally are a bit more memorable than a man’s suit.)
A shirt for each day of the trip plus an additional shirt.
One to two sets of pajamas
A tie for each day plus a spare in case of spills for a businessman.

Once everything is packed, there is one final step a small business owner should take so he or she can make sure that nothing important is left behind. A quick walk through of the day’s routine can help that busy traveler identify any additional items that need to be packed.


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