Business Overview: Is there a Demand for Powder Coating?

For some time now, powder coating has been the finishing technique used in multiple industries. Its durability, appeal and environmental impact remain a driving force towards more recognition. You must evaluate the market as a powder coating manufacturer or equipment supplier. And the common question that tends to arise is, “Is there a demand for powder coating?”  That’s why this article tries to shed light on the ongoing trends. Read on.

The relevance of powder coating with industrial applications

Sectors like automotive, aviation, architecture, carpentry and electronics are realizing the benefits of powder coating. This is why they demand powder coating knowledge in creating finishes that last long and perform excellently. At this time is not just needed powder coating, but one driven by technology so that it becomes efficient, accurate and tough.

Environmental Sustainability

At this time, global warming continues to be a concern. Saving mother nature means a revolution to start using green energy or adhering to green practices. Liquid paints remain an adversity since they contain volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants.

Powder coating, however, has a reduced environmental footprint. It suffices to say it complies with green practices. And so, its demand continues to increase, with industries now developing powder coating technologies.

Technological developments in powder coating

The powder coating industry is evolving with technological development going on and on. Today a lot of good companies, such as Ramseier Koatings has stormed the market with the Smart 600 electrostatic gun that uses total charge control technology.

It has almost 100 programable options for coating five electrostatic charging modes and cleaning functions. So as powder coating grows In popularity, the demand may phase out non-technological systems but powder coating tools that are up to the trends may remain fancied.

Longevity and Aesthetics

Right now, there isn’t any other solution for a coating that gives surfaces resistance to corrosion, scratching and fading. Factoring this out, you realize that powder coating is here to stay. Aesthetics are also crucial, which is why you see powder coats on cars, planes and furniture. It’s more of a time-saving and cost-friendly option that everyone is craving.


Please think of this; you use paint; then it flakes after a month, and you go back to the painter’s workshop paying for the same. On the other hand, you use a powder coating. Then you achieve a consistent uniform coat that doesn’t waste a lot of powder since the powder booth has a recycling mechanism.

The coat is also aesthetic, tightly stuck against the surface and won’t come off, whether exposed to weather or abrasives. So, the real question is, how much will you save with powder coating?


So, as it stands, there is no better alternative to powder coating because powder coating is doing excellently in its niche. It guarantees aesthetics, longevity, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. And now, considering the technological advancements, powder coating may be here for a while.

All the changes we will see are those of manufacturers making changes to their powder coating equipment as a result of tech advancements.