How to Build Web Traffic without Spending a Dime: Utilize No-Cost Listings and Social Media Tools to Attract Customers

Business owners looking to increase web traffic and attract customers to their websites have a variety of no-cost marketing and advertising tools available to utilize.

From informational videos to web content focused on solving customer problems, businesses can use web listings, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to attract customers to their website.

Free directories and Classified Listings

Use Free Directories and Classified Listings to Attract Customers to Website
Classified listing websites like CraigsList provide business owners with free listings for most products and services. With any classified advertisement, be sure to include a link to the business website for every free ad posted. Business owners can also find a variety of local online directories managed by a local newspaper or phone directory. National listings are another resource for businesses to utilize. Sites like Google Business allow business owner’s to add their business to their local listings for free.

Increase Web Traffic by Using Social Media, Videos and Blogs
With millions of users, Facebook is highly utilized by individuals wanting to stay in touch with friends and family. However, this growing social media platform continues to be underutilized by businesses. Facebook provides businesses with the unique opportunity to set up a business page and participate in conversations with customers. Useful Facebook features like the birthday feature provide businesses with the opportunity to send birthday greetings along with a special promotion to customers. Facebook can also be used to frequently communicate upcoming promotions, training sessions, events and product updates.

Add a blog to your website

Adding a blog to a website can be another way to increase web traffic. Before starting a blog, be sure to define the objective, focus and tone of the blog. Be prepared to dedicate time each day or throughout the week to providing new and relevant posts. In order to attract the right audience, be sure to write with the reader’s; interests in mind and keep the content focused on solutions to problems, new technology and other areas of interest. You can use WordPress to create a blog.

Provide a link to the blog postings on Twitter and Facebook to attract customers to the business blog.

Youtube Content creation and Marketing

Placing informational videos, instructional videos and product demonstration videos on YouTube is another low-cost way to attract customers to a website. Link the videos posted on YouTube to the business website and encourage viewers to visit a website for more information. Use Twitter and Facebook to announce every new video posted.

Thanks to technology, there are several no-cost options for businesses of all sizes to use to attract customers to their websites. Using a combination of the methods outlined above will help build web traffic while creating stronger customer relationships by participating in conversations directly with consumers.


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