Chanel Ashford’s latest book ‘Travel Belize with JBC Explorer’ is a fun way to learn about culture & natural beauty of Belize!

Chanel Ashford offers her educational coloring book Travel Belize with JBC Explorer. The book is an exciting tour of Belizean culture, geography, biodiversity, and more. Belize is a jewel of a country with a lot to offer to visitors, and Travel Belize offers a closer look at all the exciting and wonderful things that can be explored.

The coloring book is meant to serve as an informational tool and also as a way to build connection and community, working to create points of reference for tourists, the Belizean diaspora, and students and kids who are looking to understand the country and feel amazed by all it has to offer. The book does not pretend to be a comprehensive guide of everything that Belize has, an impossible undertaking, but rather a selected series of snapshots of emblematic places, ideas, plants, animals, and more to create a sense of interest and learning for the reader. The added coloring book elements make it interactive and boost the engagement, allowing people to truly spend some time getting to know each of the A to Z options.

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Travel Belize with JBC Explorer is a collective undertaking supported by a whole host of important organizations, institutions, publishers and businesses. Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, the Board of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, Angeles Press LTD, S.E.A Belize, and The Belize Collection Resorts, and other 116 Belizean businesses who came together to make the idea a reality.

For Chanel Ashford, the project was very personal and special too. As a member of the Belizean diaspora, she got to explore all the natural wonders and adventures of the country throughout her childhood and form a sense of civic pride that she hopes to share with others. The coloring book is a showcase of this pride and is meant to be informational, educational, and fun to explore.

Belize is a country that has many amazing places to explore. Beyond its natural beauty, featuring cayes and reefs, rainforests, and beaches, it has a rich cultural diversity that has shaped the country’s focus on unity and a community that is welcoming to visitors.

Belize is a small country but has a lot to offer from its cultural and natural uniqueness and traditions that bring together people from various backgrounds to create an authentic melting pot.

Travel-Belize with-JBC-Explorer-Book-Cover

Travel Belize with JBC Explorer is going to be widely distributed and is meant to serve as a resource to learn about Belize, its history, culture, and all the natural beauty that can be explored. At the same time, it emphasizes a sustainable approach to travel and tourism that respects the country and its diversity, creating a powerful tool for education and awareness that is full of awe and admiration.

The book is available on in the United States, as well as in other countries. It is also available at Angeles Press LTD in Belize City and Belmopan and can also be acquired at the Belize Collection Resorts. In addition, you can learn more about it by visiting the website.

Chanel has been raising awareness about her amazing country, Belize through her books and her company, Gracebank Creations. She has also been on a mission to help children learn about holistic nutrition and healthy eating that will empower them to make better decisions for themselves.


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