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Founder Chanel L. Ashford is helping the beautiful country of Belize be recognized through her company Gracebank Creations


Gracebank Creations is a company that is focused on holistic health and well-being, working with different companies to help these reach their goals and offer support for a variety of causes. Currently, Gracebank is announcing its intent to include ecotourism as a niche. The company is based in Belize and founded by Chanel L. Ashford and is doing a lot to help this beautiful country be seen and recognized. 

Gracebank has already gained recognition thanks to the work they have done with nutritional literacy and a holistic approach to education through tools that help build healthy habits for children. This showcases the commitment the company has with social causes. The company takes its name as a tribute to Gracebank Village in Belize, a place that holds a special place for the founder and their roots. The name reflects the underlying mission of making the country better known for its gorgeous natural scenery and the cultural beauty it holds.

The mission goes hand in hand with the means. It is a company committed to affordability, and everything that is created is made with passion.

The next milestone is to bring ecotourism to the equation. Ecotourism is meant to be a socially positive practice that supports conversation efforts by allowing people to visit natural environments in a way that is safe for everyone to observe wildlife and enjoy the beauty of the hidden areas of the world. In particular, ecotourism can help areas that are in danger. 

Belize is a country full of beauty and hidden gems that remain, perhaps, less known than they deserve. With a rich cultural and natural reserve, it is certain to make many fall in love with it, and Gracebank is working to make it happen for many people who might not yet know the country.

As a company with a strong social mission, Gracebank is focused on conservation programs and provides a lot of support for the local economy, as they highlight local businesses, tour guides, and resorts. 

Gracebank is proud to present the JBC coloring book that features an A-Z selection of the most beautiful sites, animals, ruins, and other attractions of Belize. 

June 2022 is sure to be a thrilling time, as the company is arranging their #travelbelizejbc trip. The book they offer is affordable, as other works from the company, so that any family can add it to their library and enjoy the social, emotional, and other skill development through exposure to a new country and culture. This is an innovative way to highlight the treasures of a country like Belize that has been underrepresented beyond its borders. In addition, the company is taking on the challenge of promoting ecotourism through its materials and publicity, all done in a sustainable manner that takes into accounts the needs of people with different incomes.

You can follow Gracebank on instagram @gracebankcreations. To learn more about all the exciting projects they have going on concerning Belize, check out the other Instagram account @jbcyum. You can learn more at their website.


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