She takes absolutely breathtaking photographs! Meet Successful Photographer Julia Bornkessel from Berlin, Germany!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Julia Bornkessel. She is a Successful Photographer from Berlin, Germany. Above pic is also one of the photographs taken by her. She mainly photographs politicians, actors, and models. Yeah, that’s a wild mix, but that’s exactly what defines her job for her.
Let’s look at a few of her photographs and know more about her interesting story!

Can you please tell us more about your journey?

I grew up in a small town near Düsseldorf (Germany). I was also creative as a child, but I wasn’t sure in which direction I should go. I used to particularly enjoy drawing. After I finished school, I started training as a design assistant, where my daily work was drawing. At the same time, my partner bought a digital camera for a vacation. After this vacation, he wasn’t so enthusiastic about the camera, which is why I took my chance and started teaching myself photography.
At that time, it was just a hobby for me and another way to express my creativity. At that time, I couldn’t imagine that I would make photography my profession one day.

Julia Bornkessel Self Portrait

In addition to my apprenticeship, I started taking photos more and more. It was clear to me that I would like to swap the pencil for a camera. But since digital photography makes it feel like everyone can be a photographer and the competition is correspondingly high, I wanted to protect myself if I shouldn’t manage to live purely from my photography. The city of Berlin has always been my holy grail, and I knew I really wanted to move into this hotspot of creativity.
I moved to Berlin and started studying media technology. During my studies, I learned a lot about graphic design, web design, and marketing, which is very helpful in my work as a photographer today.
In Berlin, I worked alongside my studies at various theaters, and my curiosity about politics was aroused. Where else can you get involved in politics better than in the capital? I used my years as a student to sharpen my style as a photographer and also to improve contacts in the creative scene, in theaters, and also in politics. After my studies, I am very happy that I found my way to Berlin. I can’t imagine moving away from here. This city and its people support my work fantastic.

Please tell us about your Story.

As a photographer, I am happy to be able to work independently and freely and to have the luxury of choosing my clients. I also really enjoy the colorful mix of customers. Every shoot is so individual. Sometimes it’s the politician for his poster photos, and sometimes it’s a big fashion shoot with a model for a magazine. The mix is ​​exciting. And I’m still looking forward to every shoot as much as I did on the first day. I am always happy about new challenges.

Below are some of the photographs taken by her:








What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

My character helped me a lot in photography. I am rather shy and reserved, which I used to see as a weakness. Now I know that it has always made me a good observer and trained my eye. I am the person who stands on the edge and watches a situation and has a watchful eye. It allows me to perceive the little moments and gestures that others miss.
I’m a good observer, and that’s how I started out in photography. Learning by imitation. Especially important if you teach yourself photography. And then, at some point, you want to develop your own style. I take a lot of my ideas and my creativity, e.g., from music, theater, and films. Music is especially exciting. It puts you in a certain mood, and this mood is perceived in the end through the photo.

Any message for our readers

Go your own way at your own pace. You don’t have to know early on what you want or who you want to be later. Deal with your strengths and weaknesses. They will show you in which direction you are headed. At my school, I was always more of a weird outsider because I preferred to go to the theater on the weekend instead of drinking with friends at a party. I’ve always been interested in art and culture, and I think it’s good for me today that I trained my eye for it earlier. At that time, I didn’t see it as learning or as an exercise. It was my hobby and what I enjoyed. But now I can benefit from it, and that also makes me a little proud to see how things can change.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

Of course, I have a website and various social media channels such as Instagram where you can find out more about me. But I especially like Instagram. As a visual person, this platform is of course, perfect for me. In the feed, I show my followers my latest work and, in the story my everyday life. This is like my diary. I try to show the people there a realistic everyday life. And that can be a making of a huge photoshoot, but also a rainy day in bed with a pizza.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best for your journey ahead!

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