‘Art has the power to unite people of different cultures’ shares Herrzen aka Jan Frederic Chamier from Germany

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jan-Frederic Chamier, also known as Herrzen, an artist from Germany. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself. 

Hi, I am a self-taught artist and savant of many talents. Born in 1989, I grew up in the city of Essen, Germany. Influenced by the surrounding urban environment but also by the conflicts at home and the overall situation with the family, I found inspiration in the abundance of architecture, industrialization, creative scenes, and changes that can be seen in nature. So somehow, I took up painting and artworks as an outlet for my creativity, endless hours of focusing primarily on watercolor after I could move on to the contemporary street art scene, using spray paint in graffiti art and being passionate about this. 

Please tell us more about the artwork you do. 

I would love to – let me say that I think we can all somehow experience that the world of today is connected like never before. In this century, we can communicate wirelessly and forget about distance or the transportation system we use. But what about us and what about our connection to the world at different places, and can we all unite it somewhere? I think this question is important today, more than ever, in terms of the pandemic or the war. And see, soon, I guess, there will be the big question, where do we unite?

My proposal is to find the connection within ourselves, art is and has been already there, and that is the answer – art – and what you can see within yourself. Take a look, and you will first see the chaos, but then also see the development, the different aspects, cultures, and ages. 

Please tell us more about Herrzen-Art and what you want to express.

Art has the power to unite people of different cultures, ethnicities, and age. Furthermore, I think that art has been the only element in my life that could help me to connect the past with the present and even help me imagine another possible future like the questions are most important. 

In terms of art, I want to dedicate and show you the pure form of abstract art in the current world, especially since abstract art is an art movement that was first created in the early 19th century. I would say perhaps we talk about the purest form of expression in art since it gives the artist the complete freedom to choose – like you can choose everything – starting from own colors, texture, lines, and other elements, but also how you move your arm, how much pressure you exert in the moment. Beuys once said that in every human, you could find the artist, and I believe it.  

Another part of the expression is that we can see different art pieces with different colors and values like a total mix that humans are together, open for another future, diverse and strong together. 

You can find paintings in which I have used different colors to communicate the emotions, pain, impatience, but also joy and pure pleasure of being – like some sense of trying to know where we are in life (HELPSKINK, SIEDLER, HONDARIO).

Another aspect is that you could somehow go ahead and admire one of these art pieces, but you will easily get lost within it since it reflects who we are as a world, especially after the pandemic and the war have brought changes. On the other hand, it’s needed to disdain somehow how the world is run, had been run, the deep roots that run the world-causing pain and suffering while on the other side cowered in comfortable and safe homes. So often, I also like to use just two colors like a DAMOKLESAUGE, the two parts of thinking, or duality. Somehow it shows the inequality of the world of these times. Maybe you see something else, but this is what I love about abstract art in general, what can be passion in my eyes. And, of course, how our current situation dedicates me to painting and showing what is going on. 

Any message for our readers.

Art is the future, and art can unite us and show us the way, especially the purest form of art, the abstraction of the world today, here and now. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can visit my website and Instagram @herrzen2020, where you can get in touch with me and learn more about work, especially what I am doing at the moment. So just follow the journey, and let’s stay together strong. 

Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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