One day, he decided to leave everything and go on a journey around the world! Join Youtuber Matan on his exciting journey!

Matan is a landscape photographer and filmmaker who likes to travel. He is 27 years old and one day decided to leave everything and go on a journey around the world. He has recently launched his Youtube channel and his first project, “Matan’s Journey – Inception.” 

Let’s hear his story…

I’m just a regular guy who decided to listen to the heart and follow the dreams. So at age 27, I left everything and set out on a journey around the world. 


My connection to nature began years ago. Since I was a little boy. I grew up in a family who like to travel a lot and used to spend time in nature together. When I was 8 years old, we began to travel overseas. Almost every year, we were renting an RV and just travel to the most beautiful places. That’s where I started to fall in love with our earth. My eyes opened to different landscapes, different people, cultures. I wanted more and more. So at a very young age, my main dream was to leave everything one day and just travel around the world. 


But sometimes, there is a gap between your dreams and reality. At age 18, I was recruited to the army for several years. At this time, I also lost my best friend. After I finished my service, the only thing I wanted is clear my head from everything. So I packed a backpack and hiked 500 km by myself in the arctic circle. Armed with a tent, sleeping bag, and food for one month on my bag. It was a journey that changed my life. It was only my mother nature. I felt alive. 

After this journey, I came back home, moved to the big city, and went to university. I studied politics and international relations. I had an apartment, car, job. I had “everything.” but actually, I felt empty. It was the same routine every day. I felt I’m participating in a race. Race of life. And I started asking myself questions, like what are we actually chasing after in this race?

Is it money? Luxury? Class? I didn’t want to participate in this race. I knew it isn’t for me.  

My parents always told me, “collect experiences, not stuff.” So I decided to follow my heart and make my dream come true. It was the same old dream. It hasn’t gone nowhere.  

So I packed two duffel bags, with all my photography & filmmaking gear, and bought a one-way ticket to a journey around the world. Now I’m here in Costa Rica, and a few days ago released my first episode on my new Youtube channel called ‘Matan’s Journey.’

This channel on youtube is my place to tell my story, thoughts, and feelings alongside the beautiful landscapes, blend them together, and create my own art. 

I want to inspire people to not afraid of doing what they love. 

So, I am inviting you all to be part of my journey. Feel free to contact me on Instagram @matansjourney. You can also drop me an email at 


Thank you so much, Matan, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!