Child Model and Actress Paige Merritt appeared on The Disney Family Singalong that aired on ABC

Today, we are interviewing Paige Merritt, she has been modeling and acting since she was 2 years old. She loves to act, take pictures, and ride horses. Her mother, Angel Merritt, will be sharing with us about the journey of the talented model and little princess!!

Please tell us something about Paige.

Paige is 4 years old. She has 3 big sisters, and outside of modeling, she loves to ride horses. She also enjoys gymnastics, cheerleading, and roller skating.

How did Paige get into modeling and acting? Please tell us more about her journey?



When Paige was 2 years old, she saw a commercial on tv and said I want to do that. She was signed with an agent and doing her first national print job within 1 month.

Who are her role models?

All the Disney princesses, especially Princess Tiana and Elsa.


What inspires Paige?

Paige loves to see herself in advertisements or commercials.


What’s her most memorable experience?

Paige’s most memorable moment is when she went to Disney World for her 3rd birthday. She thought all the fireworks were just for her. When she got the opportunity to be on The Disney Family Singalong that aired on ABC, she said all her dreams came true!

What are the strategies that helped Paige become successful in her journey?

Paige has a strong support system. Her mom and dad take her to every audition and encourage her to do what she loves. Even if she doesn’t get a job, she leaves with a positive attitude and looks forward to her next opportunity.

Any message for our readers.

Paige’s message would be that you should never give up on your dreams. If you believe in yourself, the sky is the limit.

How can people connect with Paige?

People can connect with Paige on Instagram or Facebook.