Looking for a Life Coach? Find the one that’s best for you at ‘Life Coach Library’

Here are the excerpts of an interaction with Wendy Cope, a Transformational Life-Coach and the founder of Life Coach Library. It offers you a convenient and risk-free way to find a life coach.

My journey in the pursuance of personal and spiritual growth began over 30 years ago. Ever since then, I have been a self-help enthusiast ????. My focus has been succeeding over addictions and reprogramming old, erroneous beliefs that originated from childhood. I have experienced numerous empowering techniques regarding self-help. The journey involved healing from substance abuse, an eating disorder, and the crippling anxiety patterns of codependency and adult child syndrome. I believed I had tried everything until I met a life-coach. That was such a massive game-changer for me. So much so, I became one so that I may help others.

Life Coaches are Not Therapists, though Here’s What They Do

I believe in the core of my soul that It is my life’s purpose to help others break out of this type of emotional prison. I specialize in coaching people who want to get “unstuck” in their life and discover and overcome their limiting beliefs and emotional hindrances. My coaching approach is a hybrid of pragmatic and action-oriented steps, coupled with assisting customers in expanding consciousness via spiritual methods.

To clarify: Spirituality is different from religion. I do not endorse any religion and do not expect any customer to do the same. In fact, a lot of my customers do not have any religious beliefs at all. The one common string that will bind us in a strong working relationship is the notion that we are all connected.


 I encourage you to reach out for a complimentary consultation with me if you want to dig deep and liberate yourself from the enslavement of a harmful belief system that does not serve you.

The Growing Popularity of Life Coaching 

Nevertheless, chances are I am NOT the right coach for you!

Seriously, I am so exhilarated you are here. Furthermore, the odds are that you want to grow in a sphere of your life that another coach might be much better suited to help you. I want you to have the most significant success possible. 

For example, if you are contemplating changing careers, you should work with a career coach. If you are an expert and looking to up your game, I recommend you try a performance or leadership coach. There are various coach specialties, and you absolutely should work with a specialist in the area that you wish to pursue.

I completely believe in the capability of coaching and the significance of having the right Coach. Hence, I am expecting you will talk to a few coaches before determining who to work with.

In summary, you will be most triumphant with the one you have great synergy with, and who specializes in assisting you to get to exactly where you want to be.

This is WHY I founded Life Coach Library

We make discovering a coach you love convenient and risk-free.


What makes Life Coach Library so wonderful?


I have personal familiarity with many online platforms as both a client trying to find a life coach and being a coach. As a client, I experienced being overwhelmed by phone calls and emails of almost a dozen coaches. The most unfortunate part is over half of them were not remotely what I was looking for.


As a coach, I searched the internet to find a really good platform. Many charged expensive fees to join or unreasonable commissions.

I felt motivated to create this platform and make it a WIN-WIN for everyone. We strive to provide support to help you take your life to the next level through our Road Map to Success and blog. 

The process of discovering a coach is simple, or if you want, you can select a coach on your own from our directory.


Try up to 3 coaching sessions – ON US!

The goal of Life Coach Library is to make this a fabulous online experience with sincere support for both clients and coaches.

Life coaching brought my life from “good” to “great.” I trust it can do the same for you. All you need to do is WANT it and TAKE ACTION!