Author Steve Exeter is a magician with words! Check his latest release ‘Debussy’s Slippers’


Debussy’s Slippers is an exciting release from author Steve Exeter. It is a thrilling, humorous exploration of the composer George Gershwin, effectively entwining fiction and reality to create something unique and inspiring and very fun to read.

Even if you are not usually a fan of audiobooks, this one is worth it. Not only does it offer a wonderful experience with the voice of Jack Wynters, who perfectly captures every nuance of the story, but also thanks to the use of Gershwin’s music. The character voices, courtesy of veteran actor Wynters, are complemented to an amazing effect by the genuine music of the central character, which is sure to make the experience even more engaging. After all, when talking about a famous musician, we can’t stay away from his music, and here is a curated selection of the perfect fragments to accompany each part of the narrative.

The book is a story, a blend of fiction and reality, centering on the famous composer George Gershwin, his brother Ira Gershwin, and a musical odyssey that will take them to unexpected places. As we begin, George Gershwin believes that he could do better than Broadway, but Ira Gershwin does not agree. After all, they write the hits and get the respect, the money, and the girls. But the squeaky wheel sets the plan in motion and finds that soon, the Gershwins are traveling to meet Maurice Ravel in France. 

The European star, Ravel, quickly warms up to George, but all the beautiful things, ideas, and delicious wine they share come undone when Gershwin returns to New York, accidentally stealing a pair of slippers that belonged to Debussy, the even more famous French composer and a musical inspiration for Ravel. This is the most treasured possession for Maurice, not just because of their emotional significance but because of the inspirational power they have.

Gershwin discovers that the slippers, smelly and weird as they might look, have the power to inspire amazing musical creation. So he doesn’t want to give them back and first tries to stall Ravel. But then the French composer comes to New York to get back his slippers, things might go in an unexpected direction.

This book is sure to interest fans of classical and modern music. With a humorous, fun narrative, the story is also likely to bring in those looking for a fun ride with a touch of absurdist stylings and complicated relationships, with a lot of drama and a touch of magic to make it a little spicier. While the novel is not entirely true to the events of real life, it is still a fun exploration of music and the world around it, as well as some key, iconic figures intersecting in a world where anything could happen thanks to Debussy’s slippers.

Make sure to check out the audiobook version as well to get an amazing experience with fully-acted characters and gorgeous music to accompany each part of the tale.

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