From Trauma to Empowerment: Mark Divine’s Evolution and Journey in his book ‘Nightmare’

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the world of Mark Divine, an artist, author, photographer, and graphic designer. We discuss his journey as a writer, the success of his book Nightmare, and his upcoming book, Insomnia. Join us as we gain insights into his creative process.

Hi Mark, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, I am an artist, author, photographer, and graphic designer in the works! 

Last time we interviewed you, your book Nightmare was about to be released. How has the success of it charting number 81 on the best sellers chart in the LGTBTQ+ category make you feel? 

It felt super surreal, and it was a very emotional experience for me. I still can’t believe I was able to achieve something like that. I feel like every writer has that small goal of being on some sort of best-selling list, but I never really thought I’d ever make it. It felt honored to be on the same page next to so many other indie authors in the category, and as a queer artist, I felt super heard, appreciated, and respected. I am forever grateful. 

Your new book Insomnia has been announced. What can readers expect from this new project? 

It’s a continuation of sorts of my previous poetry book Nightmare. I split up Nightmare into four separate acts to show a consistent progression of being in the depths of your own trauma and depression, to then growing out of the dark and finding the love within yourself to face your troubles with a different perspective. With Insomnia, it’s the last act of Nightmare, and it’s very personal to me. I think it really paints a small picture of how my character Mark Divine deals with certain situations that get thrown at him.


How does the Mark Divine Character develop over time within your projects? 

I’m currently working on my first novel that will soon then be turned into a trilogy of some sorts that really tells the full entire story of Mark Divine. My poetry books are mainly little segments from the storyline. When it comes out, I think people can really see who Mark Divine really is and why he does the things he does. I think for a while, Mark Divine felt like the person I wanted to be, but then as I started, created through his eyes, I realized it was someone I didn’t want to be at all. He definitely has progressed into this lovesick villain that will do anything in his power to get what he wants and craves. I’m excited to really show his story. I’m having a lot of fun creating his world and the lore surrounding it. 

What is one thing you could advise any inspiring authors? 

Write things that you want to read. I think that is the biggest piece of advice I can offer! It’s very freeing and liberating to create something from your mind and heart. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

 You can follow me on Instagram @maarkdivineI’m always posting teasers for upcoming projects!

Thank you so much, Mark, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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