A Charming Tale for Young Readers: ‘Where’s My Tooth?’ by Nicole Scurfield

Where’s My Tooth? is a charming and fun book by author Nicole Scurfield. This is a sweet story about Reign, who is planning to spend the money she is sure to receive from the Tooth Fairy. There is just a little problem in the way! Reign can’t find the tooth and, thus, can’t get the money. What will she do now? 

The book is a perfect treat for young readers and their families. It is part of a series featuring the character Reign, a likable and interesting protagonist with her own quirks and ideas. She is a little girl that many girls will find relatable and will be engaged to see what she does next. The book features beautiful and charming illustrations, brimming with personality, and a story with strong characters, appropriate and engaging prose, and a message that provides food for thought. 

Nicole Scurfield

Nicole Scurfield is an author who finds writing to be her calling. Her first inspiration to create a story came when she was six and read the first two lines of a short tale her aunt was writing. The lines had her in stitches, and before long, she was inspired to make her own writing. At eight years old, she asked her mother to order her a book collection, the Sweet Pickles Books, and the delivery was such a memorable event that she could remember it perfectly years later, cementing her love for books and reading. It was in fourth grade when Nicole Scurfield first discovered a book with characters that felt like her family with a main character who looked like her, in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred. D. Taylor. She fell in love with the characters and then began looking for more books like this one, leading her to many amazing authors like Maya Angelou. It also inspired Nicole to write her own characters that readers could relate to and fall in love with. 

After a childhood marked by books, Nicole Scurfield began developing her own children’s book series. The books follow Reign, a seven-year-old girl, and all her friends as they face daily challenges and struggles. This charming group of kids can always discover new ways to navigate life and find a solution, often a side-splitting one. 

The book has been popular with families and provides a charming read, very funny and delightful for younger readers. This book focuses on the experience of losing a tooth, something that can be quite meaningful for kids, and enchants the readers with a funny story of Reign’s search and plans for the Tooth Fairy’s money. The book is sure to be a hit for family reading time and for kids wondering about losing their teeth.

You can find Where’s My Tooth? on Amazon. The story is sure to please little readers, their families, and fans of charming picture books! Anyone who enjoys Where’s My Tooth? should also make sure to check out other books from the author, as several feature Reign, such as Is Santa Claus Coming or Not?

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