triggatreyjr’s Triumph: Echoes of Dedication, Passion and Symphony of Emotions

Whether delivering powerful messages through his rhymes or using his harmonic voice to create catchy melodies, “triggatreyjr” is an artist/producer whose style has no limits. Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, Trey better known as triggatreyjr, has had quite the musical journey. “Triggered” by his battles with mental health, Trey created a clothing line named just that. With the success that came with his clothing line, his unique musical sound, and his devotion to his sonder mentality, he decided to take his passion more seriously. The response was unexpected. His very first single, “Trying Times,” would become his most recognizable song to date. Capitalizing on the momentum, Trey would use his marketing savvy and natural ear for music to help other artists and creatives. This would lead to his music being used in several independent films, as well as a network of resources at his disposal. He would follow the success of this single with his debut EP, “Just Another Playlist…” in June of 2021. Fast forwarding to 2023. After taking a hiatus from music, Trey is back with a point to prove.

The anticipation is building as he gears up to release his next tape in late September, a moment that has been eagerly awaited. Through the ups and downs that accompany the music industry journey, Trey has persevered, embodying the spirit of a true artist. Balancing the challenges of being a twenty-something in this ever-evolving landscape and the relentless dedication required for mixing, financing, and crafting his own music, Trey’s hard work shines through. With an unyielding passion for his craft, Trey is on a mission to inject genuine artistry back into the music scene. 


You can listen to his tracks on Apple Music and SoundCloud.

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