Amp up your mood with Jamaican musician Al Rickjames’ debut album Trap Caribbean.

Trap Caribbean is the exciting new release from Al Rickjames. With influences from the Caribbean, the South, and beyond, this unique album blends culture and style to create a fresh new offering in the rap genre.

A Montego Bay native, Al Rickjames is taking his career over to the international scene. He started making waves in 2017 and today stands as a rapper who is recognized for his rapping skills, songwriting ability, and also his skills as a dancehall performer.

Trap Caribbean offers a lot of interesting touches to distinguish itself. It features stylish instrumentals that draw inspiration from the artist’s heritage and a Dirty South production style, creating something unique, making it a great offering for fans of rap, trap, reggae, and more. In addition to the artist’s talents, the album features production credits from Grammy and Platinum-recognized artists like Cassius Jay, Cartier Fly, Dre Krazy, and more.


Rickjames offers a suave and smooth performance that stays top-notch throughout each song. Anything You Want and Senorita features breezy, light beats with lots of flairs, while other songs, like Jamaica, bring a heavier bass. The album is fresh and compelling, definitely a must-listen.

Before the current success Rickjames is enjoying, he has been on many hurdles and difficulties. In 1988, his hometown was hit by a devastating hurricane which almost took his life. In addition, he grew up in an area where poverty and violence are out of hand. He then migrated to Atlanta with his father in pursuit of a better life. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen as he was sentenced to ten-year imprisonment. But all these difficulties have not stopped the artist from pursuing a music career and turning all of his experiences into art. With strong cultural influences, an original blend of sounds, and a unique flair, this talented artist is sure to reach amazing new heights with his music.

Check out Al Rickjames’ website and follow him on social media. Stream Trap Caribbean on Spotify today, and make sure you stay tuned for new releases.


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