The unapologetic rise of Oscar Biggs: Discover the inspiration behind his single ‘Boomerang’

Step into the world of musical brilliance as we present an exclusive interview with the phenomenal musician, Oscar Biggs. Get ready to be captivated by these excerpts from the interview!

What inspired you to write ‘Boomerang’? Given the times we live in, seeing and hearing a full-on classic Hip Hop creation is highly uncommon.

Oscar: I wrote Boomerang inspired by the rebelliousness residing within me against mainstream Rap and stupid music. We need to remind the young people who paved the road for everyone to have a shot at mumbling.

Woah! You never hold back, do you? Did this brazen attitude ever work against you?

Oscar: No! If anything, it tells people upfront what they’re getting. Bluntness is not for everybody. I find that weak artists prefer concealing their true ideologies behind politically correct statements and appeasing verbiage. I prefer to name things as they are, as I perceive them. There’s a reason why I wrote in ‘Boomerang,’ “I don’t do trends or wagons/ Being real is what I do/ Hey yo, who is out they mind tryna diss me?/ Hell no!/You’d look less foolish tryna lick your elbow.”

Okay, you have a point there. It is refreshing to meet artists who are uninhibitedly themselves. What made you like this? What’s your story?

Oscar: Oh, man. I’ve had a tough childhood. My parents had their own issues, and as a result, my ‘father’ was my grandfather while growing up. So there were some deeply-rooted abandonment issues I had to face and overcome to be the artist I am today. I am paying tribute to his dear memory in my stage moniker, Oscar. My real name is Guillaume. Then as a teenager, I, unfortunately, got with the wrong kind of people and struggled for a good while with substance abuse. That took a lot of ‘falling down nine times and getting up on the tenth.’ It was hard. Then, as a grown-up, I lost my best friend to suicide. That really shook me to the core and made me go within to find meaning for all the trials and tribulations the Higher Power decided to subject me to. And when I embraced my truth, everything became clear, and the music became better.

Can you tell us more about the people present in the ‘Boomerang’ music video?


Oscar: I’ve had the luck to work with some highly talented individuals. For anyone who didn’t play the music video until the end, know that there is a credit sequence showing exactly who did what! Shadia Taghi, for example, was the choreographer and the one in charge of the dancers’ casting. She did an amazing job finding the right people. Mariana Berdianu was the visionary eye and executive producer. She took care of the hard part! The one that doesn’t get talked about enough: from finding the videographers, and the choreographer, to approving the other dancers, choosing the locations, and drafting the contracts, that woman is a beast! Armel Pedone and Manuel Balasso did the most unexpected stuff with those cameras! I’ve never seen someone in person work the angles and the gear the way they did. In four hours, we knocked down four locations with complex camera movement. I’ve been blessed to line up with exceptionally hard-working people who share my passion for music and work ethic.

What do you plan on spending your summer like?

Oscar: For the first part, it’ll go smoothly. I am recording my next songs, going in and out of the studio, picking the beats for my next freestyles, etc. Then towards the end of it, is when the fun begins. I already bought the tickets to Turin, Italy. I’m going back there again in September, to pull off the next big moves!

What is your end goal as an indie artist?

Oscar: In all honesty, when I get to earn seven digits after taxes, solely from my music career, I’ll have made it. That would make me feel like I’ve lived this life on my terms. So, for everyone reading this interview, please share and comment! It helps a whole lot!

Any quotes to encourage our readers on their own journey?

Oscar: La vita è una combinazione di pasta e magia. It’s in Italian. It means: life is a combination of pasta and magic, and it was said first by Federico Fellini, one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. The way I view it is. You get dealt a random hand of cards in life. Then you have to add your own magic to it. We can all buy the exact same pasta, but the way we cook it – will taste differently for each person.

Where can our readers connect with you?

Oscar: I am very active on Instagram @oscarbiggs_hiphop, pretty consistent on Facebook @OscarBiggsMusic and I’ve been immersing myself in TikTok recently. As for streaming links, merch, bio, and full story, you can find it all on my official website.


Thank you so much, Oscar, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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