Virginia based emerging artist Roc Solo’s latest single ‘Set It Off’ offers a chill beat.

Roc Solo is an emerging artist who has thousands of fans and followers already and is sure to gain even more. His newest single, Set It Off, which follows his hit single Play No Fool, is a great example of his talent.

Roc Solo comes from Norfolk and is based in Virginia. He makes versatile, stylish music that is brimming with confidence, a unique approach, clever wordplay, and a smooth flow that has helped this artist reach many listeners as the streams on his songs continue to grow. 


This artist works with two companies, Green Diamond Productions and Fidela Films, that have helped him shoot the stunning visuals to accompany Set It Off. The video is thrilling with striking images and a perfect flow to accompany the delivery and the musical score. 

Set It Off offers a chill beat with focused delivery and a sharp style that keeps the listener hooked throughout. Roc Solo has a distinctive rapping style that flows nicely through the track and a vocal style that is distinctive and appealing. With catchy wordplay and strong lyrics, the song is sure to please many. 


As an artist, Roc is characterized by his powerful confidence. He believes that he can be the greatest, and this belief is sustained by his hard work and commitment to improvement. His music is versatile and appeals to any mood. He has continuously built a catalog that reaches different emotions and covers different aspects of his expressiveness as an artist. He has songs that are happy and edgy, exciting and softer. Roc Solo has released a lot of music and continues to work hard to get to the top. The artist has constructed a strong network thanks to his talents, and today many are sure to have heard of the artist in some way. This is sure to be even more likely in the future as Roc Solo is hitting new highs. 

The artist stands out thanks to his work with different styles and types of songs, which has allowed him to be a series of powerful music that is sure to have wide appeal. Fans of rap and those looking for new rising artists will certainly find something to enjoy among his music catalog. Set It Off is a stylish song with a catchy beat and a solid delivery that showcases Roc Solo’s confidence as an artist and is a great sample of his talent. Another good option to try is Play No Fool, the hit single that has been building up steam and streams since its release. 


Roc Solo already has a few thousand listeners and intends to keep going until he reaches the top. His music is bold and energetic, very solid and versatile no matter what he chooses to do.

You can find the artist on any major music platform. Check out Set It Off on Spotify and stay tuned for the music video that provides the perfect complement for the song. Connect with Solo on social media on his Instagram @rocsolo.


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