Neo-Stereo Emerges: Mark Cassius Presents Captivating Track ‘Free’ from Album Nightbird

Multi-talented musician and producer Mark Cassius introduces us to his compelling alter ego, Neo-Stereo. His newest track, Free, harvested from his debut album Nightbird, radiates as a potent proclamation of his unwavering twenty-five-year voyage in sharpening an affecting sound that boldly teases the outskirts of musical tradition. 

This pop-rock treasure spins an alluring narrative, a thoroughly engaging narrative of liberation from stifling predicaments. Adorned with its enchanting vocals, mesmerizing rhythm, and fearless amalgamation of ambiance that bravely rethinks the concept of musical synthesis, Free weaves an unshakeable sonic enchantment.

The delivery of Free is precise, interweaving airy textures and keyboard-focused instrumentation with subtle hooks that delve into the heart of the song’s lyrics. This composition reflects Cassius’s transformative journey post-Transit-Inc, the respected indie-rock band, turning his music into something intensely personal and unequivocally ‘Neo.’ Having spent two transformative years at The Grove Studios under the discerning mentorship of the celebrated producer Jackson Barclay, Cassius has inscribed his distinct auditory signature into his tracks. Cassius’s adventure is not solitary.

The warmth and endorsement from his family, friends, and industry innovators reverberate through the honest lyrics of his songs and the undeniable joy encapsulated in every note that flows from his latest work. Sequestered within the verdant Southern Highlands of NSW, Cassius has chiseled a haven for creativity. In his words, the driving force behind Neo-Stereo hopes his music will appeal to listeners everywhere, stating, ‘For my music to connect and resonate with people when they need it most and also to hear my music on the radio would be amazing.’ 


Every sound born in this sanctuary manifests as a pure, soul-stirring tribute to his enduring dedication to the pursuit of deeply expressive and genuine music. Free is sure to solidify Neo-Stereo’s blossoming reputation and generate streams and plays across numerous platforms.

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