Groove to the vibes of seasoned rapper Natalac with the re-release of his Hip-Hop album ‘Pimp of the Nation’

Pimp of the Nation is a classic Southern Hip-Hop/Rap album with a lot of humor, style, and bold choices. It comes from the experienced rapper Natalac, who is taking his pimp hop music to the next level. This time, he is bringing this song back for a re-release. The re-release alters some aspects of the music to improve the track and offer a fresh sound for a favorite.

Natalac’s music is definitely something unique. The novel style is Pimp Hop or Pimp Rap, a style that he pioneered and developed within the broader bracket of Southern hip-hop.

Natalac was born Sheldon Martinez Davis in 1974. He comes from Jacksonville, Florida, and has gained notoriety for the many things he has done throughout his life as an artist, trucker, and entrepreneur. He is a rapper and a singer, a pioneer of Pimp Rap. He is also an actor with several credits to his name. Natalac has played Mr. Stoney in 13th and Pine and has appeared in several music videos, like Natalac: Cadillac Switchin’ Lanes. He had a small part in Stargate in 1994. An interesting detail about this artist is that after he released his BET Uncut video Pimp of the City in 2003, his likeness was adopted for the cult animated series The Boondocks in the episode A Pimp Named Slickback. A character, a pimp, was quite similar to the artist! In addition to this, Natalac is the owner of the records label Natalac Records, as well as the owner of Natalac Express, a freight and cargo shipping company. 

Natalac has released plenty of records in the past, including Aint’ Nothin’ Like a Pimp that’s Pimpin’, Rates ($50.00 Dollar Head), Fire in Florida, Respect My Pimpin, Step Daddy, and Pimp of the City.

His new release, Pimp of the Nation, is certain to please fans of the genre and fans of Natalac as well. The song is a re-release that adds a lot of freshness to the track.

Pimp Rap is certainly distinctive, and it is always sure always to provide what listeners expect. The style is a signature of Natalac, as he was among the first ones to develop it. This should be a treat not just for the fans of the rapper of Pimp Hop but also those who are looking for street-style music to add to their playlists. Those with a sense of humor and an interest in rap should try the tracks out and give them a listen. 

You can find Pimp of the Nation on YouTube. Make sure to check out his other projects, such as Ratchet Misses and Respect My Pimpin on Youtube. You can follow him on Twitter @Natalac74 and check out his Facebook to hear about his new projects, dive into his history and artistic journey, and discover more about the music, businesses, and other things that Natalac is pursuing.


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