Mont3ga’s Unstoppable Journey: Elevating the Rap Game with latest release ‘Baddies’

Mont3ga is bringing a new popular release, Baddies, continuing the success of hits such as ‘Live Mont3ga Die Mont3ga‘ and Popular Loner. His work hits the sweet spot for fans of rap who are tired of mainstream products and are looking for something new, original, and more than a little bit devious.

Mont3ga comes from Harlem, New York. This richly cultural New York scene is brimming with creative energy and ideas, and Mont3ga is the perfect example of what Harlem can offer the world. In 2016, this rapper, recording artist, and songwriter began his career in music. He draws inspiration from the best in the field, such as Lil Wayne, French Montana, 50 Cent, Kanye West, and more, like Chief Keef and Dababy. 


Mont3ga started working hard and released four projects that feature exciting tracks and cool concepts. Some of the more popular releases included ‘Live Mont3ga Die Mont3ga’ and ‘Popular Loner,’ which proved a hit with his audiences. The artist never stops working, with a solid ambition and a hustle mentality shaped and honed in New York. 

New York has proved an essential influence, as his sound always retains that uniquely New York quality, original and smooth, with flows that are unapologetically distinctive and solid.

By 2017, Mont3ga proved himself the first Harlem artist to combine his rap with drill beats, originally seen as a sound for Chicago and Brooklyn, which added a distinctive quality and made his music more versatile. This is a quality that is consistently being enhanced, as by 2019, Mont3ga fully integrated AUTO-T3GA, a customized, unique autotune that changed his music to add on more different melodies, harmonies, and sounds. His soundscape is unmistakable and draws heavily from rap, drill, and many other styles.


2020 saw Mont3ga release Vinny Mac, a tribute to a beloved villain, Vince McMahon of WWE fame. The song was also quite a hit and added a touch of humor and critique to Mont3ga’s catalog, as well as honoring a figure that brought a lot of fun and memorable experiences to kids and adults from the perspective of a “bad guy.” 

Mont3ga also runs Money & Music Enterprise, also known as Double M. His style is unique, and his brand comes under the category of villain, making him a memorable personality and an artist to watch out for. 

You can follow the artist on Instagram @mont3ga. Discover all the relevant links to enjoy his music and connect with his brand here. His style is sure to be enjoyed by fans of rap looking for unique and memorable artists who are not afraid to build their own music. Mont3ga is influenced by New York musical tradition first and foremost but is also unafraid to step outside these boundaries and bring in sound from other places to enhance his music. He has developed his own autotune and is the CEO of a musical-centered entertainment company. There is a lot to discover and enjoy with his creative projects.

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