Listen to the insightful album ‘Faith Without Works is Dead’ released by charismatic artist ‘Reema Faith’ aka Kareem Scott

Reema Faith is releasing his new album, Faith Without Works is Dead. This is an album with a lot of emotion and passion, dedicated to the themes of faith and beyond.

Reema Faith, also known as Kareem Scott, is an artist who was born in Hollywood, Florida and grew up in the Bronx, the iconic part of New York City. Since an early age, Reema Faith was brought up in the church and was exposed to the musical elements of worship, which shaped his career and gave him a deep love for music. He joined the Spirit and Back Choir as a kid and would perform at the Butler Memorial in the Bronx. He was part of the Highway Christian Church Of Christ in Harlem and, as a member, would take place in battles and competitions between churches across different states. Reema Faith grew up in an environment full of music and belief, and that shaped his future career.

As he became older, Faith also discovered other musical genres that could help him express his faith and incorporate his beliefs and honor the Lord in new ways. In particular, the artist discovered hip-hop, R&B, dancehall, and reggae, which were also aligned with his Jamaican roots and heritage, as both his parents come from Jamaica.

After some time, Reema Faith began performing in different places. Some notable spaces include Club Drom, Karma, The Beer Garden, The Karma Lounge, Flirt Lounge, The Golden Palace, H2O Lounge, Brooklyn Nights, Ric Lounge, Bass Line, Blackthorn 51, Mist Harlem, The Paperbox, and Sob’S. This unique experience showcases the artist’s charisma and ability to perform music from various genres and infuse them all with deep faith, confidence, and talent. 

Reema Faith’s music is sure to thrill fans of Christian music who want sound that goes beyond gospel and offers a lot of variety, sound-wise. He creates melodies that are powerful blends of various genres and that continue to honor the Lord in different ways. As an artist, he strives to share the inspiration in his own way, but he believes that God speaks through him and that all things will be according to His will. Through these themes, his music is certain to appeal, especially to Christians looking for exciting, uplifting music that is aligned with their values and celebrates their faith. 

Over the years, Reema Faith has released a variety of singles, which can be streamed on all the main music platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, among others. One of the most recent singles is Marijuana, available for streaming and a part of Faith Without Works Is Dead. You can follow the artist on Instagram @Reemafaith and visit his website for more information.

Make sure to stay tuned for new releases and check out Faith Without Works Is Dead. This album highlights the artist’s talents and ability to construct his music with belief and hard work, showing high quality in the production, performance, and all aspects that make it stand out. This is an artist worth following, as many more exciting things are sure to come.


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