Indie Sensation: Discover the Brilliance of Big Bus Dream’s ‘C’mon Dream’

Big Bus Dream is thrilling fans with the release of a new single, the fantastic and highly anticipated C’mon Dream. This is the first bit of good news, however, as the artist also intends to release a full album on September 21, 2023, with many exciting tracks and experiences.

Big Bus Dream creates music that is full of emotion and always expresses something deeply personal. He pours his soul into every track, sharing his dreams and heartfelt experiences. Every bit of music feels powerful and important thanks to the way in which the artist expertly weaves his own stories into the core of each track. His style is eclectic and often eccentric, blending in various genres and offering a unique take on each.

Big Bus Dream is an artist who has received significant acclaim for his music and his unique style, which has helped him successfully stand out in the indie scene. 

In 2022, the artist was met with significant acclaim for his single Hear Me Roar, which reached audiences around the world. Hear Me Roar received praise not just from audiences but also from critics, who pointed out the unique blend of styles and beyond. This was the follow-up to the successful single Giant in My Mind, which provided a solid step for the artist’s trajectory.

Big Bus Dream is not a newbie on the music scene. He started performing back in the 80s and got the opportunity to perform at some big-name scenes, such as CBGBs and Max’s Kansas City. Between 1980 and 1986, he was making waves but had to take a hiatus. After twelve long years, the artist returned to the music scene in 1998 and continues to build his connection with listeners.

C’mon Dream is a perfect entry point for newcomers to Big Bus Dream’s music, but it is also sure to please fans of the musician. It creates a unique soundscape that riffs off of the artist’s unique voice and amazing talent for combining styles and ideas, always building off of his own experiences to add a layer of authenticity and powerful emotion. For this particular track and the album to come, the artist draws from his dreams and shares them with the audience to create a unique, surreal experience. Big Bus Dream can use different sounds, instruments, and his memorable vocals to create an experience unlike any other and engage the listener through his work.

You can find the preview for C’mon Dream on Apple Music. Stay tuned for the release of a full album, also highly anticipated by all fans of this amazing artist. The album, as well as the single, which successfully presents the unique elements of Big Bus Dream’s music, is a multi-genre experience with a combination of powerful styles and sounds. Together, they create a unique journey for the listener to undertake, inspired by complex oniric worlds, the worlds we can only see in dreams. The album is coming out on September 21, 2023.

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