IamDJStaxx’s latest EP, Lost Talent 3, creates a powerful flow & energy that draws inspiration from the best.

Lost Talent 3 is the newest EP from the renowned IamDJStaxx, an emcee from New York who has gained a lot of attention for his Lost Talent series. Lost Talent 3 is the last chapter in this series, following the first releases in 2018 and 2019. 

The EP is a 16-minute production with six tracks that are sure to thrill fans of hip-hop and is not going to disappoint those who enjoyed the first two installments in the series either. IamDJStaxx has joined forces with Rah Dior and WaveGodTj to produce and create a unique new sound that concludes this series of releases. Lost Talent 3 came via UpNexx Digital LLC, and this exciting collaboration offers a novel experience for fans of rap. It addresses intriguing themes through its lyrics and has a strong composition. 

Lost Talent 3 has a lot to offer in its genre, creating a powerful flow and energy that draws inspiration from the best. It offers a captivating experience that is influenced by such big names like Juice WRLD and YoungBoy Never Broke Again. The EP has all the trademarks of IamDJStaxx’s work: flow, wordplay, precision, strength, and everything that makes rap tracks worth hearing. Just like the previous releases, the EP is certain to make waves and make a lot more people into fans of the artist, as well as boost the compelling work of Rah Dior and WaveGodTj.

IamDJStaxx is a rapper, songwriter, and producer. He has been streaming his music since 2017 and has earned a fair bit of attention from fans and also from industry professionals. He draws listeners in with a unique vocal style inspired by Usher, Boyz II Men, as well as R&B, pop, and soul artists renowned for their voice, like Anita Baker. His music can be recommended to fans of innovative rap and hip-hop who are looking for new voices within the genres. It is especially likely to draw in listeners who enjoy strong vocal talents and are looking for sharp flow and clever lyrics. IamDJStaxx has been rising in the ranks of indie rap stars and has earned a lot of acclaim for his project Lost Talent, released over the course of several years.

Lost Talent 3 is now available on all the major music platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. You can find more on IamDJStaxx by following his Twitter account iamdjstaxx. Make sure to check out Rah Dior and WaveGodTj on social media, and check out the Spotify pages of Rah Dior and WaveGodTj. 


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