Elevate Your Consciousness with ‘Love Unfolding’ by NOA|AON and Ayumi Ueda

Love Unfolding is the newest release from the combined talents of NOA|AON, producer and DJ, and Ayumi Ueda, the singer. The track is ethereal and captivating, elevating the listener to new levels of enjoyment. 

NOA|AON, also known as Pavel Stuchlik, is a multifaceted entrepreneur, artist, and creator. He is an internationally conscious DJ and producer, a serial impact entrepreneur, an investor, a certified Ambassador of Peace, and a Win Hof Instructor. He works with BDM, breathe-dance-meditate, and practices. The artist’s name has a special meaning. NOA means movement. AON means all or none. This inspires the #noamovement to bring people back to feeling connected to others and discover their center. BDM is a unique method created by this performer to integrate the best practices from around the world and build a solid foundation for the movement.


Love Unfolding is a piece infused with spiritual influences, which elevate it to become ethereal, powerful, and vibrant. The song offers enchanting, hypnotic beats and features gorgeous vocals. Listeners are sure to be charmed by the style and the substance of the song; a mix of old and new, spiritual and electronic; a blend that is powerful and fascinating.

NOA|AON is an internationally renowned artist best known for the creation of ecstatic dance experiences for modern audiences. He has created unique alchemical blends of breath, dance, meditation, and music, and listeners can find many unique elements in his tracks, including Love Unfolding, which connect them to spiritual practices and practices for well-being. Each audio experience from the DJ is unique and memorable. The artist has released music with major labels, such as Warner Music and Black Hole Recording. He started performing as a DJ at the young age of twelve. NOA has performed across the world. In addition to his unique musical skills, full of spiritual energy, the artist is involved in the biohacking movement and spiritual practices. As a DJ, NOA has established himself as a high-energy performer, putting a lot of soul and spirit into each track. This energy also shines through with Love Unfolding.


This track is characterized by ecstasy, power, and hypnotic beats. With a lot of spiritual energy, it encourages transformation, reflection, and meditation. Listeners who are looking for dance music with a deeper foundation and meaning are certain to enjoy this a lot. In addition to NOA’s distinctive, stylish beats, the track showcases the amazing, bewitching vocals of Ayumi Ueda. The combination of these two artistic powerhouses is definitely worth a listen. Discover the track for yourself and find something to enjoy. Let the music flow over you and bring with it a lot of soul.

You can find the track Love Unfolding available on Spotify. Discover all about NOA|AON and the movement associated with his work over at noaaon.com. You can follow the artist on Instagram @noaaonofficial. You can also check out the YouTube channel for the project

We had the pleasure of interviewing NOA|AON. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about your song, Love Unfolding.

Hi, The entire song, Love Unfolding, has been produced in 528htz in the modern beat using the solfeggio frequency, proven by many studies of its benefit in our brain and nervous system. 

We created the song to inspire people to self-love. Self-love is something that has been so overspoken about and forgotten about. Our mission with this song is to inspire others to look at themselves for what they are and not for who they are not. Whether it’s their limitations, their weight, or the way they look, or it’s just simply not being good enough, not being worthy of. We want to reverse that through the frequency of love, which we believe to be the 528htz the heart, and people can come to our events, where we teach all over the world, we curate conscious experiences, we call it the system reset, which focuses on BDM, breath, dance, meditation. 

This song is part of an EP or Album that is all about self-healing and self-love, and it’s gonna be all in 528htz. We already have 3 other tracks, which are gonna be uploaded soon. And we’re excited because Ayumi Ueda is a magical singer from Japan that we met in Hawaii, and she goes into different areas on earth, and she records her vocals and sound, and sound frequencies from these vortexes, which is very much similar to what we’re doing. 

Please tell us more about your journey.

Essentially, I came from the EDM, and I was one of those DJs that was touring major musical festivals, and night clubs, including Imagine Festival and Burning Man, as well as nightclubs such as Omnia or Story in Miami. Essentially I got fed up and tired of the toxic environment in the EDM world, and I stopped drinking alcohol 3 years ago, and then when I started touring again, I thought, what am I doing here? I wanna create a conscious movement where people can still socialize and have fun, but they can use music as a way of alchemy, and that is the most important part of everything we release. 

So every song we release is an intention, it is a frequency, and it is also an inspiration for others to take action in a movement that we call NOA movement. NOA means AON, and AON is all or non. It symbolizes duality, where I used to thrive in. I had highs and lows and good days and bad days. And it came about the sequence of choices that I continued to bring into my life when I started drinking, then I would take drugs, and then I wouldn’t sleep for many days, and then it would repeat it day after day until I realized, there is way to do it with harmony, with health, with happiness, and that is the line between in the middle of the logo.

And that is the purpose of this mission, is to unify the world, one person at a time, so these tools that I’ve been able to learn in the last 50 years, traveling the world, and learning from some of the most sort out leaders, teachers, and gurus. And went on this journey through self-transformation, which now reflects on everything we do on a musical level. 

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

What’s really important to us is that we continue releasing and collaborating with others in other different places as we tour 120 events out of the year, pretty much in every continent, from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, all the way to America. We’ve been doing this because we’re seeding this frequency of love that people can experience through our music and through all the tools that we teach in a very untraditional new way. We either create immersive experiences, which we call the system reset, the Breath, Dance, Meditation, or we curate conscious dance experiences, where we take the traditional music. And we harmonize commercial, afro, house, deep house, tribal house, into the solfeggio frequencies, and then we have a full experience, full show with instrumentalist, drummers, dingers, and it’s like this whole, what we call NOA|AON experience, using dance as alchemy, as a transformation. 

Then we also do retreats, do workshops, and speak at nature conferences, summits, and festivals. We even curated our own stage while being staged at Imagine Festival, where we had one stage that was all about transformation. So we did breathwork, meditation, sound healing, yoga, and fitness. We hit everything in the EDM world in the 80 thousand people festival that others maybe weren’t expecting. But that’s kinda where we’re heading next when it comes to the music industry. 

Any message for our readers?

Breath is what you’re born with, and breath is what you die with. Now what you do between the first breath and the last breath is what determines the quality of your life. 


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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