She is considered an ‘O.G’ on Youtube and in ‘Fragcomm’ for Perfume Reviews. Meet Youtuber Moody Boo…

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Moody Boo. She has a Perfume Review channel on Youtube

Please tell us something about yourself.

I’m a grown independent woman, a happy wife of 30 years, and a dedicated nurse who’s been reviewing men’s and women’s perfumes that are niche, designer, independent, Middle Eastern, and everything in between for over 10 years. I have a vast collection of over 600 full bottles of perfumes and another 400 decants and samples. I have a nose for the aromas, but also for humor and honesty. I never ride ‘hype’ trains, I prefer to fly, so I sometimes go against the mainstream opinions on fragrances. I always say what I think, since my brain-to-mouth filter deteriorated long ago!

How did you get into what you do right now? Please tell us more about your journey.

Years back, I was on Youtube looking to expand upon my, at that time, very modest perfume collection, and noticed that all of the female reviewers making videos were very young and reviewing perfumes that didn’t interest a woman over 35, or 40 years old. The male reviewers were the ones that turned me onto a much larger fragrance world by introducing me to niche, independent, and Middle Eastern offerings.

I saw a huge void in the fragrance community for women reviewers that don’t want to buy and wear just the popular perfumes to smell like everyone else. So I started Moody Boo Reviews on Youtube. Now I’m considered an ‘O.G’ on youtube and in ‘fragcomm’. That always cracks me up! At least they got the O right!

I’ve also worked with perfumers to help them solidify a new offering or to just give my take on their creation. One day I may start my own perfume line, but for now, I’m ecstatic to check out everyone else’s!


Who are your role models?

Katie Puckrik was my one and only role model on youtube. She was doing some reviewing still at that time, and she was the female perfume reviewer template.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by my husband, Jim, who has always been in my corner, no matter who or what kind of a challenger I’m approaching. I live in the Pacific Northwest, but the Big Island of Hawaii has always had my heart.

Please tell us more about your Youtube Channel – Moody Boo Reviews.

Anything mystical, magical, and spooky always gets my blood flowing and my creativity glowing. I have been told I speak fluent movie quotes too! I’m also inspired by activism and the BLM movement. So I’ve hunted down as many fragrances as I can from Black perfumers, shop owners, and creative directors to give them a voice on Youtube.

Which social media channels work best for promoting your work? What exactly do you do on the social media channel that makes it work for you?

I’m not very active on Instagram or any other social media other than Youtube. I work full time as a nurse, and my family needs my attention as well. So Youtube is it for now!

What’s your greatest fear?

I have many fears, spiders, clowns, swimming in the deep ocean, seeing objects underwater, and failure!

Looking back, what’s one thing you wish you understood better before you ever got started?

I wish I’d realized that my opinion mattered, back when it actually did!


What keeps you going when things get tough?

Don’t be a whiner and give up when things get hard. Every good thing has a cost of time, effort, and determination. And if it’s a great thing the cost is higher! So the things that happen in your life, a lot of times, can be attributed to whether or not you are willing to pay!

Any message for our readers.

I love this fragrant journey that I’m on, and I’m opening the door to invite all to enter and to join me!

I Have Such Scents To Show You…This is my Youtube motto.

How can people connect with you?

You can check out my Youtube channel.


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you the best for your journey ahead!

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