Metaverse Maven Theorii’s journey: From Gaming Geek to Virtual Influencer

Theorii is making unique content about the Metaverse and has managed to become one of the most followed creators in regard to the topic. The influencer has been trending on TikTok as one of the biggest Black creators talking about this topic. In regards to the Metaverse, Theorii is someone who has managed to become very popular and be the number one most followed Black creator on the platform working on themes related to this emerging technological trend.

Theorii is a well-known name, as this is a creator who has also focused on video games. She has delighted followers with her unique style and fun videos, which feature avatars from different games. Theorii has done something that many have seen as impossible and turned her love for gaming into an actual career, becoming a virtual influencer and cultivating a following not only on TikTok but also on Instagram and Youtube.


Theorii creates trending videos and hosts a YouTube channel that teaches others how to follow her path and turn gaming into something that can be lucrative. 

Something unique about this creator is that she has created a name for herself through virtual avatars, featuring avatars from different games like SecondLife, Roblox, and Fortnite, among others. This has helped her create a separate persona and build a whole community as a virtual influencer, which is something that can engage a wide audience. 

Theorii offers charming content with a lot of interesting and funny information. Some of her videos are more focused on educating viewers about the Metaverse and helping them develop a solid online presence that can allow them later to transform their love of gaming into a career and begin professionalizing their work and their passion.

Theorii is a top-tier influencer talking about the Metaverse, which is a complex subject with a lot of potential for people in different fields. However, beyond this topic, the influencer also creates a lot of entertaining content that is funny, quick, and witty, offering fun experiences for the casual viewer as well as for someone interested in cultivating an influencer presence or in making their gaming hobby something more.

Theorii is a versatile influencer who has managed to build a successful career as a virtual influencer using her love of games and game avatars. She offers exciting, fun, and informative videos about the Metaverse and also fun shorts that center her game avatars to create captivating experiences that keep thousands of subscribers interested. Her work is sure to please fans interested in video games, the Metaverse, and related topics, as well as those who are looking for more Black creators killing it online. 

You can find more information about Theorii and her courses and other products over here. Here, you can also get the links to all her accounts and discover what exactly has helped Theorii become so popular across different social media platforms. Follow her on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to enjoy all her content and have fun with the creative and talented videos she releases.