Marketing Professional and Influencer Rachel D’Eletto shares her success journey

We had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel D’Eletto, a marketing professional specializing in hospitality marketing and social media.

Here are the excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Rachel, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about what you do. 

Social media is an ever-changing platform, and I love being able to highlight something that brings everyone together…food and drinks. I am an influencer, and I love to utilize my personal platforms as a testing base to see how I can shift consumerism and bring the best marketing possible to the hospitality industry. I have been in the game for ten years, and my passion for content creation and cultivating dynamic content has not wavered. Rachel-D-Eletto

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

I work in an over-saturated industry, and my job is to highlight and strengthen brand and hospitality recognition. I have been creating content for ten years and have cultivated amazing relationships. I think growing up in a household where I was taught the magic, and hard work that goes into restaurants, bars, and clubs gave me a leg up in my field. My parents encouraged me to try oysters at four years old, and every Friday night, my mom made an incredible dinner and dessert. It was a time to sit down and talk about our week and bond over food. As soon as social media was accessible to me, I jumped in head first. Marrying my two passions has helped me build a foolproof path to leading in the promised success of the companies I have and do work for. 


Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

You can always find me on Instagram and Tiktok, especially on Instagram stories, posting my day @racheldeletto.


Thank you so much, Rachel, for giving us your precious time. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


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