Enjoy the crystal blue sea of Greece and have fun with the exciting boat tour by Hola Rhenia

When visiting something as lovely as Mykonos, one cannot go home without taking a boat tour that allows you to see some amazing sights, enjoy the crystal blue sea of Greece, and just have fun. A boat tour of Mykonos and the surrounding areas is the perfect experience to see it all and explore the islands from a fresh perspective.

Hola Rhenia offers an exciting tour of the sea and the islands that promises hours of fun. What does it offer? There is an exciting secret location for swimming with beautiful sights, clear water, and lovely spaces for activities, such as snorkeling or swimming. The tour includes an endless supply of free drinks, such as Mojitos, Margaritas, and beers, but also soft drinks, juices, and many other options. The tour also includes foods, such as the traditional Chicken Poke bowl with plenty of vegetables, which is also offered with tofu instead of chicken for vegan passengers. In addition, you get to enjoy a selection of wraps, fresh salads, and juicy fruit ready to be enjoyed.

The boat is a unique double-decker with a glass bottom so that you can enjoy the Aegean Sea as close up as possible. The water is gorgeous, and you do get to enjoy the sight throughout the trip.

But the tour is not all about the sea. The tour takes the visitors to the Cycladic Sisters of Mykonos. You get to visit the gorgeous and ancient islands Delos and Rhenia, these being beautiful and less well-known spots than the booming tourist island of Mykonos, with ancient burial grounds to marvel at and sandy beaches to enjoy. Rhenia offers wonderful ruins that are brimming with history and quiet beaches. Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

While Delos gets all the publicity, Rhenia is a true gem, albeit a hidden one. It is across the straight from Delos and features gorgeous sights and a lot fewer people. Here, you can see the undisturbed burial sites of great Greek warriors and enjoy the untouched beauty of nature as well, as the island is not open for construction or living, so it’s mostly uninhabited. It is surrounded by gorgeous blue and crystal waters with four beaches to enjoy: the secret Ambelia, Stena, Lia, and Glyfada, which can only be accessed through private boat and tours.

Hola Rhenia gives you the full experience of the sea and the fun on board with delicious and healthy snacks, as well as unlimited drinks. It has swimming and sightseeing but also spaces for pictures, beaches, and more. One particular attraction of this tour is that it takes you off the beaten path and introduces you to Rhenia. This gorgeous island is not well-known among the locals, much less the tourists, and allows you to explore a special new place with untouched beauty and so much history as well.

The Hola Rhenia boat tour offers a wonderful experience for families, friends, and couples. Enjoy a unique experience you will remember forever.


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