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Blue skies, clear waters & an incredible sunset…Enjoy the Greek islands with Mykonos Party Boat


Mykonos Party Boat is an exciting and unique chance to enjoy the Greek islands and the beautiful, clear sea while having a lot of fun. It is the social event to be at and an experience that must be had to enjoy Mykonos island fully.

The Party Boat comes from ten years of experience creating the best quality events that blend together the beauty of nature, such as the gorgeous sunsets and the clear sea water, as well as catchy tunes, a dance floor, delicious cocktails, and a lot of social fun to be had. There is dancing, swimming, drinking, and talking, everything you could want to experience on the Greek islands.

The Mykonos party boat has different levels of luxury, from the standard that allows an open bar and a dance floor to a reserved private area. From the boat party to the VIP experience, the attendees will get to explore all the beautiful coastlines and see the islands from the sea, with a dip into the crystalline waters. In addition, you can go snorkeling, swimming, and float around in inflatables, with all the necessities provided for you. All you have to do is enjoy. 

After the swim and throughout the party, you get to enjoy soft drinks and unlimited mojitos, as well as beer and delicious cocktails with an open bar with unlimited drinks. The boat party also includes fresh fruit and sweets for you to savor and taste over the gorgeous sunsets and the sights you get to see. The party offers continuous sights, a swim stop, games, and dancing, as well as sweet and fresh snacks that are the perfect match for the experience of the isles. 

As the sun begins to set, the boat turns back towards Mykonos, and attendees will get to enjoy the magic hour when the sunset provides the perfect backdrop for any photos and selfies, creating unforgettable memories that are sure to endure. They are also lovely to look at and very Instagrammable. 

The boat returns after the sun sets and leaves the attendees ready for more of the nightlife on Mykonos Island, which offers plenty of excitement, beauty, and fun. 

The Mykonos Party Boat is sure to provide an unforgettable trip that will create memories certain to last a lifetime. The standard or the VIP experiences all offer their own delights, but the luxury option might be best for connoisseurs of fine wine and other types of alcohol better. VIPs also get their own reserved area over the dance floor. 

If you want to explore the Greek islands, the Mykonos Party Boat is a great chance to get a good look and enjoy yourself in the process. Make new friends and enjoy connecting more with a date or a group of friends as you savor all the wonderful things Greece has to offer. 

The Party Boat is a lot of fun that brings together enjoyment of the natural sights and also a lot of dancing, drinking, and swimming in good company. It is a must-have experience for anyone visiting the island.


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