A Step-By-Step Guide To Clean Your Air Conditioner

In just a couple of months, summer will be again knocking on your door and all the warm blankets will be again stored in the closet as your room will turn into a sweltering jungle. But thanks to the AC, you will still be able to enjoy a sound sleep irrespective of the outside temperature.

Nowadays, sleeping without AC in the summer season is out of the question for many people and with AC becoming a budget-friendly option, every family is either already having or planning to buy one this summer. But just like all other equipment, AC can get dirty, both from inside and outside, and then it requires proper cleaning.

Using a dirty AC is not only bad for your budget but it is bad for your health as well as with a dirty air filter, your room will always be filled with polluted air. The only way to deal with this issue is to properly clean your AC.

Here, we have composed a step-by-step guide to clean your AC in the best possible manner.

Tools required to clean air conditioner

If you are thinking you can clean the AC with just the regular pipe and brush that you already have in your house then you are completely wrong. You must buy some basic cleaning tools to properly get dust and debris out of the filter.

  • Air conditioner coil cleaner
  • Water hose with a spray
  • Good quality eye protection and gloves
  • Screw driver

Open your AC unit

Before you even touch your AC for cleaning, it is necessary to remove all the power supplies. Cleaning the AC while it’s running is hazardous and it should never be practiced, even if you are just wiping the dust off from the outside unit.

The next thing you have to do is to open the AC unit and this is where most people fail as they don’t have an experience like technicians who visit you after calling Samsung customer care number.

If you have a window AC then you have to take out the AC from the window to open it up and in the case of a split AC, you have to open the front unit. A screwdriver will be enough to open the AC but you must be aware of the different parts as in the end you will have to pack everything back.

Remove the debris and clean the air filters


If you have successfully opened the AC without damaging any part then it’s time to get rid of the debris and clean the air filter.

Both in split and window AC, the air filter is located at the front and you can easily take it out for cleaning. You have to use the water hose with spray for cleaning the air filter and after cleaning it, you have to sanitize the air filter as well.

The pressure coming from the normal tap is not enough to flush out all the dust and debris from the air filter and therefore, you might have to spend more time than a technician who visits after calling Bluestar customer care number.

Clean the AC’s louvers

The next thing you have to do is to clean the AC’s louvers. These are basically the oscillating blades that direct the airflow and with usage, they also get covered in dust and debris. Make sure to clean both the AC’s louvers and the space behind them proper cleaning with a dry cloth or if you have a vacuum cleaner then you can use it as well.

But again, make sure the power has been turned off and if you are unsure about any aspect of AC’s louvers cleaning then it is always a better idea to call Bluestar customer care.

Clean the outdoor unit and vent

While cleaning the AC, you have to clean the outdoor unit and ventilation system as well. Make sure the compressor unit is clear of surrounding grass and plant and then brush away the dust and debris.

You can use a vacuum cleaner in this case as well but makes sure not to use the vacuum cleaner at its full power as it may damage some parts of the AC. If you are not sure about opening up the unit then you can just clean the outdoor unit and vent and leave everything else to the professionals.

Why should you call an experienced technician to clean your AC?


If you don’t want to spend money on buying tools for AC cleaning and if you don’t want to waste your weekend sitting with a vacuum cleaner and watching YouTube videos regarding AC cleaning then you should just call the Samsung customer care number.

An experienced technician knows everything about the AC and thus he will be able to deal with any kind of issue related to the AC while providing basic service as well. And with the summer season ready to knock on your door within 2-3 months, it is a better option to get your AC cleaned by a professional.

AC technicians have all the tools necessary to make your AC dust and debris free. In addition to this, they even take care of the minor issues that can escalate with time, especially if left unaddressed.

Cleaning an AC unit can prove to be an arduous task, especially if you have never dealt with an AC cleaning before. You can even end up damaging some AC parts and a simple cleaning will be turned into a costly repair. So, if you are not sure about the AC cleaning process even after reading this blog and if you don’t like going through the hectic process of calling customer care, you should use OneDios and make professional service booking a pie.


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