Unleash the gamer in you with WickedTachi’s Twitch Universe: Where Dreams Come to Life

WickedTachi is an exciting new voice on the gaming streaming scene. His goal is to create a community where people can have fun and experience good times together, creating laughter, excitement, and more positive moments for everyone to share. The streamer is someone who is not able to work due to a condition he has. However, he wants to make something and create a community others can enjoy.

You can find him streaming on Twitch at his channel at www.twitch.tv/wickedtachi.


Wicked Tachi is passionate about games and also is a fan of anime. He adores most types of video games, but especially RPGs and first-person shooters. He often streams games like Overwatch and Fortnite, but also Minecraft and beyond.

In 2016, the streamer received terrible news. Doctors detected cancer in his spinal cord. The tumor could not be removed due to where it was placed, so he had to undergo a long process of radiation and rehabilitation, one that took a very long time. While he is doing much better, he still is unable to work, and that led to him pursuing a lifelong dream: making a Twitch channel and starting his journey as a streamer.

This is a streamer who decided to pursue his dreams when facing one of the biggest challenges anyone can face. He believes that nothing is impossible, and his own life is the clearest example. Wicked Tachi encourages others to do the same: to follow their dreams and not worry if they seem ridiculous or impossible. If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish whatever you want.

Fans of streamers should enjoy Wicked Tachi’s channel, as he creates a fun and engaging experience that is centered around having a good time. The community is being built on a solid foundation, and while he is relatively new to the scene, those hoping to find more positive spaces can join to discover a welcoming place.

Wicked Tachi is creating quality streams that are focused on creating fun moments and memorable experiences. You can feel the streamer’s passion for his work and for each of the games he plays. As a relative beginner, he is working hard to grow the community and make the channel a hub for those passionate about the same things. Currently, he does regular streams with a broad variety of games, so it’s certain that most viewers will find the content they enjoy on his Twitch. For Wicked Tachi, streaming has always been a dream, and now he gets the chance to pursue it and work towards his goals. While he started due to a highly negative situation, now he is making the best of it.

You can find this streamer on different platforms. You can follow him on Twitter and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wickedtachi/. You can also check his YouTube channel. Here, you can discover all the different games he plays and become a member of the community.