FADEDSKYJEFF: The Twitch Streamer Crafting Unique Gaming Experiences and Making Waves in Horror Gaming

In the vast realm of Twitch, where countless streamers vie for attention, a few stand out, not just because of their content but because of the communities they nurture. One such streamer is FADEDSKYJEFF, who brings together horror, laughter, and an incredibly tight-knit community. Whether you’re an old-school NES lover, an aficionado of horror games, or someone simply seeking a fun, inclusive space on the internet, FADEDSKYJEFF’s channel promises a unique blend of all these elements and more. Join us as we dive deeper into his journey, exploring the highs, lows, and everything in between. Welcome to the world of FADEDSKYJEFF, where gaming is not just an activity—it’s a way of life!

Hi Jeff, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, I stream under the name of FADEDSKYJEFF. I am a variety streamer who specializes in horror games and being silly. I love the opportunity to play games with my friends and have an amazing community to support that!

Please tell us about your Twitch Channel.

I am a part-time streamer working to grow a voice and community in many aspects. We specialize in the horror area of gaming but spend quite a bit of time in other spaces and genres. 

Every Sunday, we have our “Sunday Stories,” where we play large, drama-driven, single-player games. Together, we can spend time chatting and experiencing some of the best stories gaming has to offer.

Every Monday, we have our “Marathon Mondays,” where we take big franchises and slowly work our way through them from start to finish. We recently finished our first marathon of Resident Evil and are currently working through Bioshock!

Every Thursday, we have our “Family Game Night,” where I play games with the community. We have games like Dead by Daylight, Sea of Thieves, Jackbox Games, and more on a constant rotation!


Please share with our readers about your journey. 

My community, Echelon, has been around since 2006, when I started my first World of Warcraft guild of the same name. Echelon is all about inclusivity, love, and community. We love everyone and want to create a beautiful and safe space on the internet where any and all are welcome, appreciated, and loved. On top of all of that, I also front my band, Jeff Dillon and The Revival. We are an alternative rock band out of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Gaming has always been an integral part of my life ever since I received my first NES as a child. Gaming is such a wonderful space for ADHD/neurodivergent kids like me. It is a place to play, learn, grow, and make friends. Gaming is such an important outlet for so many people. Through my love of performing and gaming, becoming a streamer just kind of made sense.

I love the opportunity to be able to perform, play, and goof off with my community. We have an amazing time every time we get together, and we are always excited to meet new friends and grow our FAM (as I call them).

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

I try to make sure that I am constantly working to make more content in many different outlets, i.e., YouTube videos, TikTok shorts, and Instagram (all channels @fadedskyjeff). I have monthly contests for my community for clips, stories, etc. I just think that being earnest, honest, and interactive has helped me build a wonderful community of friends. We see ourselves more as a small, silly family than anything else!


Any message for our readers? 

I am currently in the middle of my channel’s 2nd anniversary week (October 15-21, 2023)! We are having all sorts of silly games, prizes, and contests! There has never been a better time to find a new community of amazing friends!

My channel, and more importantly, the people who populate it, are wonderful, inclusive, loving, and the best place to be. If you are looking for new friends who play lots of fun games, love hanging out together, laughing, goofing off, and, most importantly, accepting of all people…Camp Echelon is the place to be!

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about your channel? 

You can find me on just about every outlet out there under @fadedskyjeff. You can stream my Twitch @fadedskyjeff and YouTube.

To the Discord Community: Stop by Twitch chat, and we will be happy to invite you in!!!

Thank you so much, 
Jeff, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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