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Gaku Space – Famous Actor


Who is Gaku Space?

Gaku Space is a Japanese-born actor and producer. He is probably most recognized for his appearances on How I Met Your Mother, Assasin’s Fist, Street Fighter, and Overwatch.

Early life before fame

Gaku Space grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and he was a very active child, playing outside for most of the time. He knew from an early age that he wanted to become a baseball player, which prompted him to decide to move to the United States so that he could pursue his dream.
After moving to the United States, Gaku joined a local baseball team, and he actually did well, but he later realized that acting was his true passion and decided to switch his focus from baseball to acting. Although his father was also a professional baseball player and actually played for the Tokyo Giants at one point.

Gaku Space relocated to Los Angeles and studied both acting and advanced martial arts. He graduated from Filipino Kali and Japanese Sword Fighting martial arts school.

Career as an actor

Gaku landed his first breakout role when he was cast in the 2014 live-action official Street Fighter: Assasin’s Fist, made by Capcom. He was given the lead role of Goki. This role provided a substantial increase in the actor’s recognizability and opened many doors for him for the future.

Currently, Gaku has become a worldwide celebrity among the gaming community as he is the voice of Genji for Blizzard Entertainment’s massively popular online game Overwatch.

Social media presence

Gaku space is active on various social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He currently has over 89,000 followers on his Instagram page under the handle “gakuspace,” and he has over 90 posts on his account. He mostly uploads pictures of him playing some of the characters that he’s voicing or acting, cosplaying in many of the pictures.
Gaku’s performance as Genji in Overwatch has earned him a cult following, and he has said that the fan mail that he’s receiving regarding the character has been outstanding and unexpected.

His own film

In 2009 Gaku decided that he will release his own movie that he both produced and starred in, so in late 2009 his movie The Passion hit the movie scene and received generally favorable reviews. Although the budget for it was only 500,000 dollars, he still managed to make a coherent story, and the special effects were admirable, given the low budget.

His family

When it comes to Gaku’s personal life, he hasn’t been very open about it throughout the interviews that he’s given. His parents seem to dislike the spotlight and haven’t wanted to be interviewed, but Gaku has said that he had a good upbringing and that his childhood was fulfilled.


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