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John Patrick Amedori – Famous Actor

John Patrick Amedori

Who is John Patrick Amedori?

John Patrick Amedori is an American musician and actor. He is probably most recognized for playing Gabe Mitchell in the popular 2014 American satirical dark comedy-drama film Dear White People.


April 20, 1987

Birth Place

Baltimore, MD, USA

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame

John was a very talented kid when growing up, and although his childhood was relatively happy, he has said that he couldn’t quite connect with his peers and would usually hang out with kids that were older than him. He graduated from high school when he was 15 years old, and by that time, he had already starred in a lead role. Having appeared in the 1998 movie “D Minus.”

John Patrick Amedori also appeared in Almost Famous, and he got the role by directly sending Cameron Crowe a videotape that featured a video of him playing on the electric guitar (2000). The director liked his audition so much that he wrote a part specifically for John. Then in 2004, he appeared as young Evan in The Butterfly Effect, which really skyrocketed his stardom. Later on, in 2006, he was seen starring in such films as Stick It and Love is the Drug, as well as appearing on the television series Vanished.

In 2008 John was cast as Aaron Rose, the love interest of Serena van der Woodsen in the American drama television series Gossip Girl. After that, he appeared in the critically acclaimed romantic action comedy film Scott Pilgram vs. the World. After that, he appeared in Jayne Mansfield’s Car (Billy Bob Thorton’s movie).

In 2015 he appeared as a recurring character on the television show Hindsight and also starred in the film The Vatican Tapes.
Then John appeared in two episodes of the popular American TV series Aquarius, playing the character Leonard.
His most recent roles include playing the lead character Gabe in the still ongoing television series Dear White People.

John also appeared in The Good Doctor as Dash in the episode “Hubert”.


John was the genius mind behind the song “Love Song,” which appeared as the soundtrack in the 2006 film Stick It, the talented musician both wrote and performed the song. He has also been actively playing his guitar throughout the years, and although he’s not in a band, he still continues to practice and plays for his own pleasure.

Family life and relationships

John Patrick Amedori was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and he has an older brother who is also an actor by the name of Anthony Amedori. John has a good relationship with his parents and brother and frequently visits when he has the time.

When it comes to his love life, it is currently unknown whether the actor is dating someone, but we should assume that he is single. John is also on social media sites and his Instagram account under the handle “john_patrickamedori currently has a little over 19,000 followers, although he posts quite rarely.”


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