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Anna Lore – Famous Actress

anna lore

Who is Anna Lore?

Anna Lore is an American actress. Anna is probably most famous for her portrayal of Brie in the popular TV series The Friendless Five.


March 15, 1993

Birth Place

United States

Zodiac Sign


Life before fame:

Anna Lore started her acting career when she was cast as Victoria Frankenstein in the popular 2014 TV series Frankenstein, MD. The talented actress was praised for her portrayal of the character and was quickly noticed by other casting directors around the world. Anna has been featured in many TV series, as well as appearing in numerous movie roles.

Social media presence:

Although Anna may not be the most active on her social media profiles, she is still posting on a frequent enough basis. The talented actress is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
She currently has over 18,000 followers on her Instagram profile under the handle “anna_lore” and frequently posts pictures of herself in various outwear. She has over 160 posts on her Instagram account as of the time of writing this article. And she also has a website that is a pun on Higgs Boson, the particle that was discovered proving that dark matter exists. Her website is, and she has various articles regarding improving lifestyle and getting motivated, as well as having her own merchandise that others can purchase.

Some trivia regarding the talented actress:

Anna Lore was well praised by critics around the world for her portrayal of the character Harper in the 2015 film Contracted: Phase II. After her role in Contracted: Phase II, Anna took a slight break from her acting career and focused on herself for a bit. She was also seen posting a photo with her father on her Instagram account.

Anna has also starred alongside fellow actor Steve Zaragoza in the popular TV series Frankenstein, MD.

Apart from her Instagram and Twitter profiles, Anna is also on TikTok under the handle “anna_lore,” and she frequently posts mini-skits to her account. She has slowly grown into having over 26,000 followers on the platform in the last couple of months, and if things progress as fast as they have so far, she is expected to have well over 50,000 followers by the end of this year.


Anna is an only child to her parents and had a very happy upbringing, stating that she is very happy that her family wasn’t dysfunctional and she could really fulfill her potential when it came to acting. Her parents have been a very integral part of her success, and they’ve helped the talented actress in any way they could. And she’s said that when times got really tough, they were always a shoulder to lean on and count on.


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