Natalia Rivera – Famous Actress & TV Host

Natalia Rivera is an actress, TV Host, and Entrepreneur.

She is famous for her roles in The Rum Diary (2011), Mi Verano con Amanda 3 (2013), and Back to the Beginning (2015).

She has been a Tv Host at “Wapa TV” and a Radio Host at “La Terapia.”

She has also been in the limelight for her work on both the Pégate al Mediodia TV show and the comedy/variety show El Remix. She is hugely popular on Social Media, her Instagram having more than 1.1 million followers. She has 888k followers on Facebook and 296k+ followers on Twitter.


April 25, 1989

Birth place

Puerto Rico

Zodiac Sign



She created her NataliaRiveraPR Twitter account in 2009. She is the C.E.O. of her company, Relevant Bae (

She says she started her company with a dream… 

Her passion for fashion and style morphed into a fashion-forward and trendy online store: Relevant B.A.E (Before Anyone Else).

Her online store has outfits for women of all shapes, sizes, styles, and personalities.


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