Trevor Carter explores the concept of an alien existence as an intelligence in his latest sci-fi thriller ‘Cosmic Communion’

Cosmic Communion is the new sci-fi thriller by author Trevor Carter. The book is an exciting ride that involves an encounter with alien intelligence and a high-stakes conflict with the CIA. It is sure to please fans of science fiction and epic stories that feature the world being in danger.

Cosmic Communion follows Dr. Eric Hubbard, a physicist who has always been a skeptic. But now, he faces evidence that cannot be refuted as he encounters an alien intelligence. This shatters his vision of reality and leads him on a transformational journey, but it’s not all about this inner change. The professor now needs to stop a nuclear threat that compromises the entire planet and has to change the world, the global consciousness, to do this. As if this was not enough of the challenge, the CIA is working to stop him, believing that the non-human intelligence is a threat. 

Something new, something unknown, reaches out to Dr. Eric Hubbard. And this might just be humanity’s last hope to prevent self-destruction in the most violent way possible. The conflict at the center of the book makes it a real page-turner and offers many exciting concepts that are sure to engage fans of sci-fi and speculative works as a whole.

Cosmic Communion comes from the mind of Trevor Carter, a writer who has dabbled in fiction and non-fiction. He has released several titles on Amazon. In addition to the writing he does, he is a software engineer. As an author, Carter has released several short stories, novellas, and other works on Amazon, working mostly in science fiction, horror, and similar genres.

Cosmic Communion offers an interesting premise and a high-stakes story that considers a new perspective on the idea of an alien encounter. It is likely to be enjoyed by fans of science fiction who want to explore more indie authors and get to know new ideas published and developed outside of the mainstream. The story offers something interesting and provides a powerful transformation for the main character, as it also involves an exciting and complex conflict involving the entirety of humankind. The story makes good use of the main character’s skills and knowledge as a physicist to add and play with different hard science ideas. 


Cosmic Communion is an imaginative tale with a lot of fascinating ideas that tackle the view of an alien existence as an intelligence, truly centering this view over the more traditional ones. It provides a variety of viewpoints and discussions on the ideas of UFOs, as well as a fascinating what-if at the center of the novel. The book plays with a variety of concepts but also engages the reader with a thrilling plot that is sure to keep them reading.

If you enjoy it, make sure to check out other works from Trevor Carter. You can follow him on Twitter @trevorcarterva. Stay tuned for new releases that will come from this author and see what new ideas he will play with.


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