The eloquent music of ‘Seven Prayers of Love’ will touch your heart…It’s an amazing collaboration by Author Mimi Novic & Violinist Edmond Fokker!

The international award-winning author Mimi Novic and the phenomenal violinist Edmond Fokker have collaborated to bring you one of the most soulful albums of all time. Seven Prayers of Love is indeed a testimony to the rare genius of the unlikely duo. The album is a rare blend of classical music with contemporary violin tunes. So, if you are a fan of classical music, this is definitely a must-listen for you. But even if you are not a fan of this genre, we would still suggest you give this a try. The soothing music will have you hooked within the first few seconds. The album gives you the relaxing vibes of a rainy Sunday – melodious and calming. 

This album is more than just mere music. It is a spiritual journey of enlightenment and contentment that allows you to contemplate the wonders of your life. The beautiful tunes transcend the material realms of time and space. 







Seven Prayers of Love is sure to lift your spirits and allow you to slip into a more relaxed state. Mimi Novic has evidently put her heart and soul into crafting the most thought-provoking lyrics. The fact isn’t so surprising, considering she is an award-winning author on spiritual growth, inspiration, and self-development. Consequently, she knows the power of words and certainly knows her way around with them. You can just feel the positive energy resonating from the lyrics. 

Mimi Novic

She is widely considered as one of the most gifted motivational and self-development coaches. She has the power to influence your mindset and change your life for the better. Her methods are nothing less than life-enhancing, and this album is nothing different. 

Although the lyrics are pretty powerful on their own, Edmond Fokker has certainly strung the most heartfelt tunes to complement them. Being a renowned violinist, Edmond has significant exposure. From playing in royal courts to the palaces and from war zones to the orphanages, he has never failed to amaze people with his musical genius. He has a brilliant intuition when it comes to music, and somehow, he always manages to create the most balanced and harmonious tunes. 

Edmond Fokker

Seven Prayers of Love is no exception. The beautiful tunes just seem to float over the lyrics. Edmond Fokker has somehow created the perfect tunes to balance and complement the lyrics, so each track gives you a unique feeling. The plethora of emotions is difficult to pin down exactly, but one thing is for sure, it will make you feel something deep within your soul. 

There is a saying that music is food for the soul. If that’s the case, this album is the best there is. The powerful blend of uplifting lyrics and soothing tunes just seem to resonate from every atom of your being, as if the words are just what your soul has been aching to say. 

Seven Prayers of Love is now widely available. So, if you haven’t checked it out, we would surely suggest giving this a try.  

You can check out Mimi Novic’s websiteInstagram, Facebook, and Youtube channel. You can also visit Edmond’s Instagram handle and his website.


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