Resilience Redefined: Discovering ‘Lifestyle After COVID-19’ by Mujahid Bakht

COVID-19 changed the world. It brought people together, and it pushed them apart. It left tragedy in its wake and also led to some amazing examples of collaboration and endurance. However, there is little doubt that the world after was changed forever. In Lifestyle After COVID-19, acclaimed author Mujahid Bakht provides an in-depth examination of all these changes and the ways in which the world now works. This is the second edition of a work that was first released in 2022 and now adds even more, expanding the insightful analysis the author makes with additional data. 

The center of the book is to consider how life after COVID has built up new opportunities and new challenges, bringing a new sense of awareness to many areas of life that have shifted post-pandemic.

Bakht creates a deep, holistic analysis of how people’s view of well-being has shfited, considering the social, the physical, the emotional. The book does not shy away from the complexity of it all but instead unpacks it slowly and carefully, offering also advice and informed ideas about how these new challenges might be handled.

Using a solid research base, the author considers ways to maintain physical and emotional health and the best practices for building and reinforcing social connections. Here, readers will find not just a powerful analysis inviting them to reflect on global change. They will also discover how to thrive, not just survive, in a world that is no longer the same. There is a solid focus on resilience that inspires and empowers readers in their own lives to pursue well-being.

Here, readers will discover ideas and options to weather the continued effects of the pandemic and also understand the impact it has had on them and their communities. Beyond the theoretical, the author builds a strong guide to help people achieve greater resilience in the world as it is now.

Among the many topics, Bakht addresses physical well-being and the important aspects that help maintain it, such as a proper diet and clean eating, exercise, and physical activity. The book delves deeply into mental health, an issue that had its importance highlighted by the pandemic. Here, readers will learn about ways to improve different aspects of their emotional and mental well-being. 

The next section is dedicated to the social aspects of life, so essential to being well. Here, readers will see how they can strengthen any social skill that is lagging behind and build solid relationships. 

The book is sure to be of interest to those looking to understand the impact of COVID-19 better. It’s also a practical guide to improve one’s life and prepare to face the changing, challenging reality of a world that hasn’t stopped shifting. In the aftermath of a crisis, this is a perfect guide to building resilience and promoting higher well-being, something that definitely can’t hurt in a world full of challenges.

The book is available as a paperback, a hardcover edition, or an ebook on Amazon. Discover the three options at Paperback, Hardcover and ebook format.

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