Keep an eye out for ‘Perfect Heist,’ a thrilling & romantic story by Author Elsa Joseph!!

Perfect Heist is the upcoming book from bestselling author Elsa Joseph, to be published on Valentine’s Day 2022. A thrilling story about a master jewel thief and her capers with a strong romantic story that makes it perfect for a release on the 14th of February, one of the most charming days of the year. 

Perfect Heist will be the forthcoming book by the author. So far, she has released Best Kept Secret and Dylan’s Cosydoze, showcasing her versatility as a writer. Dylan’s Cosydoze is a children’s book for ages 2 to 12, featuring a funny and heartwarming story told in rhymes. It is the tale of Dylan and his parents facing a huge challenge – his favorite cosydoze is missing, and what will happen next? 

Best Kept Secret takes quite a different approach and showcases the romance skills that are sure to shine again in Perfect HeistBest Kept Secret is the story of successful fashion photographer Natasha Dawson who is about to get married to the amazing Luke and secure her future once and for all. But when her ex-boyfriend disappears, she finds herself doubting whether she is making the right choice or if she is about to commit the biggest mistake of her life. At the same time, Natasha recognizes a terrible secret that the man in her life is holding, and, though she loves him deeply, she will have to risk it all to find out the truth. Best Kept Secret takes a difficult and serious topic and covers it in an exciting way through the dramatic story of Natasha. While a love triangle is at the center of the story, it also focuses on subjects like mental illness, creating a powerful narrative with a solid message to sustain it. The book stirs up a lot of excitement for Perfect Heist and everything that this new story from Elsa Joseph is likely to bring – strong characters, an exciting plot, and more.


Elsa has a writing degree from London South Bank University that she pursued after a lifelong ambition to be a writer that grew within her since she was a child. She also loves theatre and is part of a community theatre committee that promotes writing and engagement with this art form. Her passion for the theatre has helped her build strong characters and dramatic situations within her novels. 

Her inspiration for writing comes from traveling, art, theatre, reading, and her friends, as well as the bustling city of London that renews her creativity every day. Her books are focused on plots and great characters who the readers can identify with and adore, as well as lovely scenery to create imaginative and distinct settings. 

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Perfect Heist is a romantic thriller coming in February of 2022 and is the perfect romantic thriller to spice up your Valentine’s Day.