Looking for great puzzles? Check out ‘500 Puzzle Compendium – 3 In One: Sudoku, Crossword, and Word search for adults’ by Paula Haracic

Puzzles are an incredibly important way of developing the brain’s abilities. It is a great option to strengthen cognitive skills and to work to keep the mind sharp throughout one’s life. Puzzles develop different abilities, like memory, attention, focus, task switching, vocabulary, math, and many more, which in turn helps keep the brain active and sharp. In addition to this, puzzles are very fun and easy to do, especially for fans of the experience.

Paula Haracic brings all puzzle fans her second offering. The 500 Puzzle Compendium book 2 – 3 In One.: Sudoku, Crossword, and Word search for adults in one book is a set of 500 puzzles. It is innovative in that it includes various brain training exercises in a single book, combining sudoku, crossword, and word searches, which allows readers to strengthen their mental skills and practice different abilities in the same place. This follows the successful volume 1, which also features a big puzzle compendium.

Math and vocabulary practice come in the form of sudoku and crosswords, as well as word searches. In addition to these abilities, these three puzzle types strengthen various more general cognitive skills. Word searches train focus and attention, helping the person find the right elements on the page while ignoring the rest. Selective attention is a valuable skill. Crosswords train memory and recall, as well as problem-solving. This is also true of sudoku, which is all about finding the right solution. Mathematical and verbal skills are a bonus.

This compendium is a great option for adults and teens who are looking for a challenge and for a good time with a big book of puzzles. It includes three types of puzzles, which are certain to keep puzzle solvers happy and entertained for a while. If you run out of puzzles, Haracic’s first compendium is also available, including the best puzzles, like sudoku, word searches, and crosswords as well.

There is a strong selection of puzzles that ensures that each has the right challenge level and takes the reader from start to finish, allowing them to pick any puzzle and complete it to their satisfaction with a decent sense of difficulty. Haracic offers a solid set of puzzles of each type, which are oriented for an adult audience, and the selection and curation of puzzles make this an excellent compendium. Hence, people are sure to have hours of fun with the 500 puzzles offered.

This book can be recommended for adult puzzle fans and those who are just discovering this world. They are sure to enjoy an amazing selection of crosswords, word searches, and sudoku puzzles that will please enthusiasts and newbies alike, offering a measured challenge level that will keep readers hooked. You can move through the book at your own pace and always find a new puzzle for yourself to challenge your mind and develop your abilities. 

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Paula Haracic. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Paula, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, I am a mum to two adults sons and a dog lover. I live in South West London, Twickenham – The Home of Rugby Football. I am semi-retired, and I am a part-time Online English Language Teacher. I have the privilege of meeting students from all over the world.



What inspired you to publish ‘The 500 Puzzle Compendium book 2 – 3 In One.: Sudoku, Crossword, and Word search for adults in one book.’

I am always searching for or creating new material to make learning interesting and to motivate my students. I started to give Crosswords and Wordsearches as homework, and they proved very popular. I added some Sudoku for variety too.

One of my students suggested I collate all of the puzzles into a book, so I did and created the Latest Puzzle Compendium books one and two with a combination of 500 mixed puzzles.


Any message for our readers.

I hope you enjoy working on the puzzles as much as my students have.


Thank you so much, Paula, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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