‘What are Mondays good for, anyway?’ by Author Nicole Frankel follows adventures of a boy who loves the weekend and dreads Mondays.

What are Mondays good for, anyway?‘ is an upcoming release from the new children’s author Nicole Frankel. It’s set for a January release and is sure to provide families and kids with plenty of entertainment and a whole new attitude towards Mondays.

‘What are Mondays good for, anyway?’ is a book for young kids that follows the adventures of a boy who loves the weekend and dreads the arrival of the terrible Monday. Here, readers will follow Bennie’s adventures through a particularly unfortunate start of the week, with one hilarious situation after the next. But in the end, Bennie might just learn to look on Mondays with a bit of humor.

The author, who is debuting with this book, is Nicole Frankel, a mother of three living in New York City. She drew inspiration from her own kids who also had a problem with Mondays, and the lessons that she wanted to teach them about finding the funny side in any situation and enjoying the day. Nicole is the CEO of Yum Actually, a company that provides healthy ice cream. She has an Economics degree and loves to read, bake, rock climb, and spend time with her family.

In this charming little book, readers get to know Bennie, who hates Monday. After all, Monday means no more pancakes, play, or cartoons. But little by little, Bennie begins to realize that he can have fun no matter what day it is, and even if he dreads Monday, he can make the most of it and enjoy himself through laughter!

As a mother of three, Nicole works into her real-life experience in the book, which helps readers connect with it. It is drawn from actual struggles her kids had with the jitters, and this shines through. The picture book offers a nice lesson and a takeaway that can be easily appreciated.

This picture book is perfect for any kid who struggles with going back to school after the weekend and can also provide a great resource for teachers who want to motivate their kids. The book provides a way to talk to kids about how they can make their lives better and teaches emotional regulation skills that can work with more than just Mondays. The issue is relatable, and the pictures are very charming, creating a good experience for the readers.

Having an issue with Mondays is a problem that’s very commonplace, even among adults, so a picture book that addresses it in a friendly way is sure to find a lot of readers.

Look out for this picture book from Nicole Frankel in January 2023! It is sure to offer a great addition to any library or book collection and is a perfect read for young kids who are attending school or kindergarten. This is an effective debut that might showcase more great picture books to come from this emerging author. Meanwhile, make sure to check out this lovely picture book for young kids and find out how Bennie can start enjoying his Mondays!


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