Mexican author talks about her latest novel “The black butterfly”

1. Please tell us something about yourself.

My name is Eva Rojano, I am an independent writer, illustrator and university teacher, from Mexico. SCI FI fan, and very lately, developing my first original novel that will be my breakthrough as a published author. “The Black Butterfly”.

2. How did you get into writing? Please tell us more about your journey as a writer?

The story is long, but all my life I have been wanting to be a storyteller. But it was until recent events in my personal life, that made me realize it was time to put my ideas out there beyond just creating illustrations.

3. Who are your role models?

I am a long-time RoboCop fan, and my two main inspirations to start becoming a ‘producer’ and jump the ‘fan fence’, to start working on my own ideas, have to be actress Nancy Allen (Who played Anne Lewis in the film saga) and screenwriter Edward Neumeier, who co-wrote RoboCop and developed the idea of the cyborg police officer back in the 80’s. Talking/meeting both of them have been surreal experiences in my adult life.

4. Did you read any books that inspired or motivated you in your journey?

I used to be an avid reader as a kid. I grew up in a house surrounded by books, comic books and VHS movies. Then, when I became a graphic designer I traded books for software tutorials, however, my hardcore habit for reading, investigating and digging more into the stories I loved, never went away. I can mention a book, though, that was quite an inspiration for me, when I read it at 13 years old: “Many lives, Many masters” written by Dr. Brian Weiss, the book talks about reincarnation. (Another one of my obsessions).

5. What are your published projects, Eva?

Well, I will start by saying, that my first published written project is a fanfiction story I created around RoboCop and Anne Lewis, I have been developing as ongoing chapters for the fans for more than two years. “RoboCop Enhanced Reality” you can reach them on my website of the same name.

A musician friend of mine said to me, one starts ‘singing’ other people’s songs before making our own. My fanfic project was exactly that…now I am making a song of my own.

6. Please tell us about your new upcoming book, “The Black Butterfly” how did the project start?


Well, talking about my ‘heroes’ I had the pleasure to start talking to Edward Neumeier, a few years back as he seemed interested in reading my fanfiction story, things took a different turn and there was me trying to catch his attention, proving to him, I could develop my own characters. It started as me, writing short sexy tales for him, to amuse him. (Laughs) I used to upload chapters online to entertain him, and kept on going once I had seen, he had read them.

I was unaware that this private broadcasting for him was becoming a “mini writing school” in which I had someone like him, watching over my creations. From all those stories I created for him, one named “The Barbados Fantasy” kept coming back to me…and suddenly I was writing a complete novel out of that idea. I have been working on this project, for almost a year.

7. And how is Mr. Edward Neumeier participating in your project?

Well, that’s the thing! I assume he did not really believe I was going to carry out “My threat” (Laughs) and build a complex novel around Matt and Anna Sirena, the characters I developed that were initially inspired upon us. He has given me free license to write, however, he holds part of my novel, right now in digital form, and we really need to come to a legal agreement in regards of that matter.

8. You mean royalties or direct money once the book is published?

I can’t say much yet publicly…otherwise my very strict lawyer will have a word with me, she’s done that a few times, already (Laughs) but I’ve said to Edward, that although my male character doesn’t carry his real ‘famous trademark’ name, he will be in the acknowledgments page and I can assure him, good publicity will come his way.

9. Does actress Nancy Allen have a role in your story too?

Well, funny you mention that, but once I started getting into the depths of the novel I realized I needed cops to fight the bad guys and I developed Sergeant Liz Collins, a veteran policewoman based upon Anne Lewis and Nancy Allen. I consider this character as a tribute to her career in Hollywood. I’ve promised to her that regardless of what the filmic future holds for the Anne Lewis character in the RoboCop franchise, she will feature in my novel.

10. Would you like to share any success secrets that helped you in your journey?

I am a very visual person, and working with graphic images, creating concept art, listening to music, editing photographs, help me to not go ‘insane’ by just writing and writing. Also, visualization is a powerful tool that brings success in all areas of our lives.

11. What other passions do you have?

Well, very lately, I have started modelling for the American company Pinneaple Clothing as a model of large sizes. Firstly because I needed any extra income I could get for my creative projects, secondly, because I am interested in portraying a healthy self-image for women. I speak about that in my classrooms, to my female students, I need to set the example.

12. What keeps you going when things get tough?

I’d lie if I didn’t say to you that my path to become a writer hasn’t been a difficult one. However when my heart is too broken or too tired, I try to take a trip back in time and resort to the magic I could create as a kid that was full of creative dreams. I remember my late father, who got me interested in a world of comic books, fictional stories and films.

Very lately I have had the support of a person (That is a public figure themselves) and that although I can’t say their name publicly, they are related to one of the two RoboCop celebrities I’ve mentioned in this interview. This beautiful jewel, also has a character in my novel. But everything at its time.

13. When will “The Black Butterfly” be published and where will we be able to purchase it?

My initial idea is to launch it as an e-book and see what happens. I assumed it was going to be ready before this year ended, but I have had all series of complications to have done so. But surely by the start of 2020, the book will be available, at least in electronic form. Then we will take it from there.

14. How can people connect with you?

People can reach me through my public page “RoboCop Enhanced Reality” My Facebook account and my website of the same name.

Thank you for your time, Eva!


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